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Windows 10: What are tech critics saying?

Snap Assist The next iteration of Microsoft’s Windows OS is here! While its the latest version of the OS, Microsoft has clearly taken a step backwards. While it had tried to move in a completely new direction with Windows 8, the all new Windows 10 seems to bring back the …

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Xiaomi Mi 3 Review

Top Features 1. Excellent pricing2. Brilliant Full HD display3. Good build quality TechTrainIndia Rating:- 4.5 / 5 For the last couple of years there has been a status quo in the smartphone pricing. We had come to expect a certain price-tag for a smartphone with certain specifications but that has changed …

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XFX Radeon R9 290 Review

AMD announced their Hawaii cards towards the end of September and we have looked at AMD’s R9 series 280X and 270X in the past. Now it’s time for the elder sibling the R9 290 which is a notch lower than the higher end R9 290X. From the R9280X and R9270X …

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ASUS Maximus VI Impact Review

Mini-ITX is an interesting motherboard form factor (17cm x 17cm) but it is not one that you would think of when considering building a gaming rig. Mini-ITX boards by their very nature are meant to be used in small form factor PCs, which boils down to system components which are …

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