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How to Watch Apple’s 2019 Event Live Stream

apple event 2019

Apple has recently announced its iPhone launch event. This series will be launched at the event to be held on September 10. Apple will hold its event at the Special Steve Jobs Theatre. The event will begin on September 10 at 10:00 AM in the US time. In India, this …

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How To Keep Smartphone Safe From Cyber Attacks

Smartphone Cyber attaks

  The Smartphone is not used only for calling or listening. These days Smartphones are also used for internet browsing, such as app-based transactions, banking, social media surfing. In the last decade, the technology has made the life of the people as simple, the intensity of cyber attacks caused by …

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Slow 4G Internet Speed? Here’s How to Fix It

Slow 4G Internet Speed? Here's How to Fix It

Nowadays, all companies are offering 4G services. Even after having 4G SIM card and network, most users are faced with Slow Internet Speed. You get a lot of fast internet access in many places, even when there is a lot of speed in the internet even after the full signal …

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How To Fix Corrupted Memory Card , in a minute

How To Fix Corrupted Memory Card , in a minute

Nearly every user uses the memory card in the Smartphone. In this, users save documents, including personal photos, videos in their phones. But what if you ever lose your memory card? If you do not know, then we tell you how you can fix your bad memory card. Before this, …

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How To Pre-Book OnePlus 6T From Amazon? Step by Step

OnePlus 6T Pre-Booking on Amazon

Oneplus 6T is likely to be launched in India on October 30. Pre-booking has started for this phone even before its launch. User e-commerce website Amazon India can be pre-booked to OnePlus 6T. Many offers are also being offered with this phone pre-booking. If you also want to pre-book this …

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How to Fix or Turn Off Autocorrect On Google Pixel 2

How to Fix or Turn Off Autocorrect On Pixel 2

This quick guide explains how to fix and prevent Pixel 2 autocorrect problems. Often times, autocorrect will type messages that people don’t understand. This is especially true for those who type extremely fast. Not to mention you might accidentally hit the wrong letters on the big 6-inch screen of the Pixel …

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How to Turn Off Auto Sync in iTunes


If you’re using iTunes for managing the media across all your iOS devices, you’ve probably been irritated due to the fact that the software starts syncing media immediately after you connect the device to your computer. Well, we’ve all been there, and it takes a whole lot of time to …

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