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Battleground Mobile India: Pre-registration for ‘BGMI’ has begun; here’s how to sign up

Battlegrounds mobile india

BattleGround Mobile India is now living for pre-registration on the official website. As users pre-register before the official launch of BattleGrounds Mobile India, they will be exclusively given access to many awards.

BattleGrounds Mobile India is available now for pre-registration. If they pre-register before the official start of a game, the users would have early access to awards. Users need to only go to Google Play Store and press the ‘pre-register button to pre-register for BattleGrounds Mobile: India. On the day of launch, the prizes are open. There is no official release date for the game yet. However, there are some speculations that this game could be launched in June.

How To Pre-Register BattleGrounds Mobile India?

Step 1: Visit BattleGrounds Mobile India‘s official website
Step 2: click on the ‘Pre-register now‘ icon on the homepage!
Step 3: BattleGrounds mobile: India’s Google Play Store connect is led to users
Step 4: On the Google Play Store homepage or app, click on the ‘pre-register button
Step 5: Confirm the process of registration by clicking “OK”

Login to Google Play using your registered Google Play ID and password to complete the operation without obstructions before accessing Battlegrounds Mobile: India website.

Rewards for pre-registering
If users pre-register before the game’s official launch, they can get early access to a variety of prizes. Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Limited Title, and 300 AG are among the prizes.

BattleGrounds Mobile India
Last year, Krafton declared a merger with PUBG Corp, during which it was revealed that the group intends to relaunch the game in India, which was PUBG Mobile’s largest market before the ban. India alone accounted for about a quarter of all PUBG Mobile downloads worldwide. The game’s popularity remained high, prompting Krafton to declare the reintroduction of PUBG Mobile in a new form.


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