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PUBG Mobile will not return to India, PUBG Mobile Ban in India Permanent for now

Pubg mobile banned

PUBG News: Several Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government, including the popular Battle Royal game PUBG Mobile. The game had a large user-base in India and millions of gamers played it. Since the ban on PUBG Mobile, there were constant speculations that this game could not be returned to India in some way.

Battle Royal Game PUBG Mobile, which has been the choice of millions of players in India, has been banned by the Government of India for having a Chinese connection. Since then, there were speculations that this game could make a comeback in India and gamers will be able to play PUBG in India after breaking up a partnership with Chinese company Tencent due to the large userbase in India. However, a new report has brought bad news for gamers awaiting the return of this game.

A report from InsideSport states that India’s Ministry of Electronics is not signaling a return to the popular game. This means that the ban on PUBG Mobile will remain in India and there is hardly any way to work for the return of this game. The report also said that just ending the partnership with Tencent would not be enough to bring the game back to the Play Store in India. It is clear that only if the government wants, the game can get permission to return and at the moment it does not seem to be happening.

No discussion on ban app withdrawal

The ministry quoted the source as saying, “There is no discussion among the ministry officials about the withdrawal of any app included in the ban list.” We would like to avoid commenting on any particular app or company. ‘ In fact, there were reports about PUBG Mobile returning to India in association with Reliance Jio, and it was said that if all goes well, the Jio platform can distribute this game to gamers in India. Many reports said that game developers are trying to have a long-term partnership with Jio.

Partnership with Jio?

The news related to Reliance Jio’s partnership with PUBG Mobile is coming from The Hindu BusinessLine report. The report said that talks are going on in both the companies and PUBG together with Jio is trying to bring the game back to India. It is being said that many long-term plans of PUBG are about India, in which case the company is looking for a strong local partner. Till now, PUBG had partnered with the Chinese company Tencent for the distribution of the game.

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