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PUBG Mobile ban in India will not revoke by the government

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Pubg corporation is reportedly in touch with jio platforms “to seek cooperation opportunities”.

It has been almost a month since the government banned the PUBG Mobile game in India. Many attempts by authorities are being made so that the much popular game makes it’s way back to India but nothing has worked quite in their favor till now. These attempts include PUBG Corporation cutting ties with Tencent for PUBG Mobile in India. A recent report by InsideSport revealed that the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has confirmed that the PUBG ban is now permanent in India.

According to a report by Reuters, despite PUBG Corporation taking over the publishing rights in India, the government is not yet ready to revoke the ban. A source informed Reuters that the government is not ready to lift the ban not because it is a Chinese app but because the game is violent.

As per the report, the source said, “The violent nature of the game has been the cause of many complaints from all quarters. That doesn’t change with the change in ownership rights.”

The report further reveals that PUBG Corporation is now looking into India’s concerns and “is ready to work on anything that needed improvement”. The company is reportedly in touch with Jio Platforms “to seek cooperation opportunities” but nothing has been finalized yet.


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