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New Livik Map in PUBG Mobile, update the game

Pubg mobile livik map update

With the update in the PUBG Mobile game, users have got a new Livik map. This will be the smallest map found on PUBG Mobile.

Popular mobile game PUBG Mobile has got a new update. With this update, a new map Livik has opened for users. The version of this update released for both Android and iOS apps of PUBG Mobile is 0.19.0, with the new Royal Pass Season-14 also available. The special thing is that the company has not downed the server for this update.

The size of this newly updated update will be 1.84GB for Android devices and 2.13GB for iOS devices. The company said that players who update the game between July 7 and July 13 will be given 2888 BP, 100 AG, and a nightmare helmet.

How is the new Livik map

A new map will be available for users as soon as the game is updated. This will be the smallest map found on PUBG Mobile. It will be just 2×2 kilometers, in which 52 players can play at a time and the match deadline will be 15 minutes. Over time, the company will also be making changes to this map.

For this map, some special weapons such as P90 SMG and MK 12 rifles will also be available to users. Apart from this, a big truck will also be available exclusively on this map. Users will soon be given super firearms training. Special weapons will be taught during training.

‘Spark the Flame’ gameplay mode will also be available in Miramar and Erangel maps via PUBG Mobile 0.19.0 update. The Royal Pass season-14 will be available for players from July 14. Before this, a warm-up event will be held for a limited time. In this event, players can earn points by participating in the mission, which will be added to the season 14 ranking.



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