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Intel 14th Gen Non-K CPUs Leak: Unveiling the Inside Scoop

The anticipation for Intel’s 14th-gen lineup is reaching its peak, especially after the recent Raptor Lake Refresh series unveiling. However, amidst the excitement, a new leak has surfaced, shedding light on the non-K CPUs in the upcoming 14th-gen lineup.

Intel 14th Gen: Unveiling the Leak

Source of the Leak

The leak originated from coolmod.com, a prominent online store for PC components. The initial disclosure came from the hardware leaker @momomo_us on X (formerly Twitter).

At the time of writing, the leaked product lists remain accessible on coolmod.com, although the stock status indicates ‘exhausted.’ This revelation gives enthusiasts a sneak peek into the box art, prices, and other crucial details of the upcoming Intel 14th Gen non-K CPUs.

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Intel 14th Gen: Insights into the Non-K Series

Power Consumption

In contrast to their K-Series counterparts, non-K processors are characterized by lower power consumption. However, a significant trade-off exists—users cannot modify the clock speed or voltage, limiting customization options.

Limitations: Clock Speed and Voltage

The leak confirms the existence of non-K CPUs and outlines their limitations. This includes the inability to tweak clock speeds or voltages, making them a distinct choice for users prioritizing power efficiency over overclocking capabilities.

Intel 14th Gen: Leak Details

Box Art and Prices

Coolmod.com’s listing reveals the box art of the upcoming processors and their prices. These details are essential for users gauging the affordability of the new Intel 14th Gen non-K CPUs.

Stock Status: ‘Exhausted’

While the leaked information is still accessible, the ‘exhausted’ stock status raises questions about the availability of these processors. Enthusiasts are left wondering if these leaks are early revelations or a hint at imminent releases.

Clock Speed Specifications

One notable leak aspect is the inclusion of clock speed specifications for various non-K CPUs in the 14th-gen lineup. This information provides insights into the potential performance of these processors.

Unlocked vs. Non-K: A Pricing Perspective

Affordability of Non-K CPUs

The absence of the ‘Unlocked’ moniker on non-K CPUs suggests they might come at more affordable prices than their K-Series counterparts. This pricing strategy opens up new possibilities for users seeking budget-friendly options without compromising performance.

F Variants: A Closer Look

Among the listed CPUs, F variants stand out. These are the same CPUs as their non-F counterparts, with one key difference—the absence of Intel’s integrated graphics. Understanding the implications of F variants is crucial for users planning their builds.

Placeholder Prices or Reality?

Intel’s Release Status

The leaked prices, converted from Euros to USD, may be subject to change, considering Intel’s official release status. The company has not officially launched other 14th-generation processors, leaving room for speculation regarding the accuracy of the leaked prices.

Intel 14th Gen Non-K (Locked) CPU VariantsLeaked SpecificationsLeaked Pricing
Intel Core i9-14900Up to 5.80 GHz, 24 cores & 32 threads, 36 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$662
Intel Core i7-14700Up to 5.40 GHz, 20 cores & 28 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$452
Intel Core i5-14500Up to 5.0 GHz, 14 cores & 20 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$275
Intel Core i5-14400Up to 4.70 GHz, 10 cores & 16 threads, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$275
Intel Core i3-14100Up to 4.70 GHz, 4-core processor, 33 MB Intel Smart Cache, 65W TDP$165

Unlocked K-Series and CPU Coolers

Intel’s approach to the K-Series, where users are expected to install their CPU coolers separately, contrasts with the non-K series. The article explores the details of CPU coolers included in the box, providing users with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect.

Included CPU Coolers: A Boon for Non-K Series

In-Box Coolers for Intel Non-K CPUs

In a departure from the norm, the leak suggests that the non-K series processors, including i9-14900, i7-14700, i5-14500, i5-14400, and i3-14100, will all include the stock Intel CPU cooler in black colour. This inclusion aims to simplify the purchasing process for users opting for non-K CPUs.

Thermal Throttling Concerns

While the included coolers suit typical usage scenarios, questions arise about their effectiveness under high-power limits and extended workloads. The article delves into the nuances of thermal throttling and its relevance for non-K series CPU buyers.

Choosing Your Processor: A Recommendation

i3-14100 and i5-14500

Among the non-K series, processors like i3-14100 and i5-14500 are highlighted as potential candidates for entry-level or mid-range PC builds. The article explains why these processors might be suitable for specific user needs.

Suitability for Entry-Level and Mid-Range Builds

The discussion extends to the broader suitability of non-K series CPUs for entry-level and mid-range PC builds. Readers are encouraged to share their thoughts and preferences in the comments section.

Community Engagement

Share Your Thoughts

The article invites readers to share their thoughts on the upcoming Intel 14th Gen non-K processors. The comments section becomes a space for community engagement, allowing users to express their expectations, concerns, and preferences.

Comments Section

The comments section serves as a platform for enthusiasts to engage in discussions, creating a sense of community around the shared excitement for Intel’s 14th Gen processors.


In wrapping up the exploration of the leaked details surrounding Intel’s 14th-generation non-K CPUs, it becomes evident that these processors offer a compelling alternative for users with specific requirements. The article has provided a comprehensive overview, from leak sources to pricing details and recommendations, aiding readers in making informed decisions for their next PC build.

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