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Inside Intel Lunar Lake: A Deep Dive into On-Die LPDDR5X from Samsung, Delivering 8533MHz Power

Intel has been making waves in the tech world with its upcoming CPU architecture, Intel Lunar Lake. The latest insights, as reported by Digitimes, shed light on some intriguing aspects of this yet-to-be-announced lineup.

Intel Lunar Lake: On-Package LPDDR5X RAM

One standout feature of Intel Lunar Lake CPUs is the incorporation of on-package LPDDR5X RAM. But what does on-package or on-die memory mean? In simpler terms, it suggests that not all laptop RAM is upgradeable. Intel aims to enhance communication between the processor and system RAM by placing LPDDR5X RAM modules near the CPU.

Image courtesy: yuuki_ans (via x) / anandtech forums

Soldered RAM vs. Upgradeable RAM

In the laptop realm, manufacturers often choose soldered RAM over modular, upgradeable options. This move is strategic, promoting significantly reduced latency in communication between the Intel processor and system RAM. The decision to go with LPDDR5X RAM directly integrated into the CPU is a departure from the norm.

Leaked Intel Docs

Adding credibility to these reports are leaked Intel documents, initially shared by user @yuuki_ans and still accessible on AnandTech Forums. The documents reveal a design for Intel Lunar Lake that includes “memory capacity as part of the SKU,” indicating that LPDDR5X RAM will indeed be embedded into the CPU chip.

Physical Positioning of LPDDR5X RAM

Intel’s approach involves placing the LPDDR5X RAM physically adjacent to the CPU. This strategic move, coupled with the extraordinary speeds offered by Samsung LPDDR5X memory, distinguishes Intel Lunar Lake from its predecessors like Meteor Lake and Alder Lake.

RAM Rates of up to 8533MHz

One of the most exciting aspects of Lunar Lake is its projected RAM rates, reaching up to 8533MHz. It surpasses the speeds seen in previous Intel designs, promising improved performance and responsiveness.

Samsung LPDDR5X Memory

Samsung Electronics emerges as a key player, providing the LPDDR5X RAM for Lunar Lake. While Samsung takes the spotlight, it’s essential to note that other RAM manufacturers, including Micron and Hynix, also contribute to the market.

Partnership with Samsung

While the DigiTimes article mentions Samsung as the provider, Intel has not officially confirmed if Samsung will be the exclusive partner for future chips with on-die integrated LPDDR5X architecture. The possibility of an exclusive collaboration with Samsung adds an intriguing layer to Intel’s strategy.

Intel’s Official Statement

Amidst the speculations, Intel has not released an official statement confirming or denying an exclusive partnership with Samsung. It leaves room for questions about potential collaborations with other chip manufacturers in the future.

Comparison with Previous Designs

Lunar Lake’s CPU architectural design sets it apart from earlier Intel designs like Meteor Lake and Alder Lake. The physical positioning of LPDDR5X RAM, along with the impressive speeds, marks a departure from the established norms.

Opinions on Lunar Lake

As we delve into the intricacies of Intel Lunar Lake, we’re curious about your thoughts. Do you foresee advantages in having non-upgradeable LPDDR5X RAM close to the CPU? Share your opinions and insights in the comments below.


In conclusion, Intel Lunar Lake introduces a novel approach to CPU architecture with on-die LPDDR5X RAM and unprecedented speeds. The leaked documents and reports paint an exciting picture of what’s to come. As we await further details from Intel, the tech community buzzes with anticipation for the next leap in processor technology.

SOURCE DigiTimes

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