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Snapdragon X Elite vs. Apple M-series: A Benchmark Battle Unfolds

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, the competition between leading semiconductor manufacturers is fierce. Qualcomm, a key player in the industry, made waves with the release of its Snapdragon X Elite chipset for Windows PCs last October. With claims of superior performance compared to Apple’s latest M3 chips, the Snapdragon X Elite caught the attention of tech enthusiasts worldwide. New Geekbench benchmark results for the Snapdragon X Elite surfaced, sparking discussions about its potential to rival Apple’s formidable M-series chips. Let’s delve into the details and decipher what these benchmarks signify.

Understanding the Snapdragon X Elite Benchmark

The Snapdragon X Elite chipset, identified as model “Qualcomm ZH-WXX,” underwent rigorous testing, the results of which were made public. These benchmarks are a yardstick to gauge the chipset’s prowess, particularly in comparison to Apple’s M-series chips.

Key Specifications

The X Elite boasts two CPU clusters, a notable feature contributing to its performance. The benchmark results vary based on different versions, particularly base frequencies and power consumption. Notably, the 23W variant, with a base frequency of 3.4GHz, showcased impressive test performance.

Comparative Analysis

Snapdragon X Elite vs. Apple M-series Chips

Comparing the benchmark scores, the X Elite positions itself between Apple’s M2 and M3 chips. Despite falling short of the M3 Pro in single-core performance, the X Elite demonstrates commendable multi-core capabilities.

Performance Metrics

Snapdragon X Elite (12 cores, 23W likely)4.01GHz257412562
Snapdragon X Elite (12 cores, 23W likely)3.42GHz256511778
Apple M3 Pro (12 cores, 27 watt)4.05GHz303715246
Apple M2 Pro (12 cores, 34 watts)3.4GHz266114634

Future Prospects

The X Elite’s performance indicates promising prospects, especially considering potential optimizations and higher-powered variants as Qualcomm prepares to unveil Windows laptops equipped with this chipset in June 2024, anticipation mounts regarding its real-world performance and consumer reception.


The Snapdragon X Elite is a formidable contender in technological innovation against Apple’s M-series chips. While benchmark scores offer valuable insights, real-world usage will ultimately determine the winner. As the industry awaits the commercial debut of devices powered by the X Elite, the stage is set for a compelling showdown between two tech giants.

VIA Tom’s Hardware

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