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The Meteoric Rise: Intel’s Core Ultra 9 185H Leak Unraveled

Intel is on the brink of releasing its highly anticipated 14th-generation laptop CPUs, and the spotlight is currently on the leaked specifications of the Core Ultra 9 185H. This high-end model, part of the 14th-Gen Meteor Lake architecture, was recently exposed in detail through photos posted on the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

The Source of the Leak

Although the original post on Weibo has been removed, the leak continues to circulate with images showcasing the internals of an upcoming Samsung-based Meteor Lake laptop. Crucially, the leak also provides a glimpse into the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H specifications, thanks to the CPU-Z program.

Hardware Leaker @9550pro’s Discovery

The Discovery of this leak is credited to hardware leaker @9550pro, formerly active on Twitter. The leak is directly related to the Galaxy Book 4 laptop range, where the report emphasized the presence of the Core Ultra 9 CPU.

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Galaxy Book 4 and the Core Ultra 9 CPU

The leak is associated with the Galaxy Book 4, which Samsung has already revealed. While details about the laptop are emerging, the focus remains on the Core Ultra 9 CPU, indicating its prominent role in the upcoming device.

Core Ultra 9 185H Specifications

Thermal Design Power (TDP) and Turbo Boost

Initial details suggest the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H will boast a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of up to 45W. Moreover, the P-Core speed is expected to reach an impressive 5087.86MHz, hinting at a turbo boost capability up to 5.10GHz. The core combination is speculated to be 6P+8E+2LP, promising a powerful performance blend.

Core Configuration – P, E, and LP Cores

Intel’s Meteor Lake architecture introduces a hybrid performance design comprising P-cores, E-cores, and a new type of core called Low-Power Island (LP). The leaked information confirms the inclusion of 16 cores and 22 threads, accompanied by this unique core configuration.

CPU-Z Benchmarks

In addition to specifications, the leak provides insight into CPU-Z benchmarks, offering a glimpse into the performance potential of the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H. Notably, the preliminary results from an early engineering sample of a Samsung laptop show a single-core test score of 767.2 points and a multi-core test score of 8096.9 points.

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Meteor Lake Architecture

Overview of Hybrid Performance Architecture

Meteor Lake represents Intel’s cutting-edge hybrid performance architecture. This includes the integration of P-cores, E-cores, and the innovative Low-Power Island (LP) core, contributing to a balance of power and efficiency.

P-Cores, E-Cores, and Low-Power Island (LP)

The Meteor Lake CPU differentiates itself with a combination of P-Cores for performance, E-Cores for efficiency, and the introduction of Low-Power Island (LP) cores, enhancing the overall versatility and capability of the processor.

Unique Features of Meteor Lake CPU

Beyond the core configurations, Meteor Lake introduces distinct features, including physical indentations reminiscent of Intel’s Meteor Lake tile structure. These features contribute to the architectural identity of the CPU.

Distinct Features of the Intel Core Ultra 9 185H

Physical Structure and Indentations

The Intel Core Ultra 9 185H showcases distinctive physical indentations by examining the leaked images. These align with Intel’s Meteor Lake tile structure, raising intriguing questions about the design philosophy behind the CPU.

Comparison with Intel’s Meteor Lake Tile Structure

The unique features of the Core Ultra 9 185H, particularly the indentations, invite speculation on how they align with Intel’s established Meteor Lake tile structure. This visual analysis adds a layer of curiosity to the leaked information.

Benchmark Scores

While leaks can provide early insights, it’s essential to approach benchmark scores cautiously. The Intel Core Ultra 9 185H’s single-core score of 767.2 and a multi-core score of 8096.9, derived from an early engineering sample, offer a glimpse into its potential. However, final judgments should await official announcements.

AI Everywhere Event and Future Releases

Intel’s Upcoming AI Everywhere Event

Intel has an eagerly awaited AI Everywhere event on the horizon, where the company is set to unveil its new Meteor Lake CPUs officially. This event is expected to shed light on additional details, providing a comprehensive overview of Intel’s advancements in CPU technology.

OEMs’ Release of Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake Laptops

Following the official unveiling, various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) are anticipated to release further specifics about the initial batch of Intel 14th Gen Meteor Lake laptops. Expectations run high for innovative features, including the Arc-based Meteor Lake GPU, a specialized NPU Chip for AI processing, and the improved ‘Intel 4’ manufacturing process.

Anticipated Features of Meteor Lake CPUs

Intel’s 14th Gen CPUs are poised to introduce various features that redefine the computing experience. The integration of the Arc-based Meteor Lake GPU, a dedicated NPU Chip for AI processing, and advancements in the manufacturing process underpin Intel’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology.

Community Reaction

Thoughts on 14th Gen Meteor Lake Processors

The tech community is excitedly buzzing as news of Intel’s 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors circulates. The shift to the Core Ultra branding signals a significant transition, and enthusiasts are eager to explore the capabilities of the upcoming CPUs.

Opinions on Intel’s Core Ultra Branding

Intel’s decision to embrace the Core Ultra branding has sparked discussions among tech enthusiasts. The community is divided, with some welcoming the change as a bold step forward. In contrast, others scrutinize the implications for the established Intel Core series.

Community Engagement in the Comments Section

What’s your take on Intel’s 14th-generation Meteor Lake processors? Are you excited about the Core Ultra branding, or do you have reservations? Join the conversation in the comments below and share your thoughts with the tech community.


In summary, the leaked Intel Core Ultra 9 185H specifications offer a tantalizing glimpse into the capabilities of Intel’s upcoming 14th-generation laptop CPUs. The combination of powerful core configurations, unique architectural features, and promising benchmark scores sets the stage for Intel’s AI Everywhere event, where the company is expected to unveil the Meteor Lake CPUs officially. As the tech community eagerly anticipates further revelations from OEMs, Intel’s 14th-gen CPUs promise a transformative computing experience.

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