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O2 Germany teases the Samsung Galaxy S5, unveiling tipped for February end again

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Coming end of this month?

Looks like the February end date with Galaxy S5 is still on course. O2 Germany officially teased the upcoming phone, thus becoming the first carrier to start promotions for the yet-to-be-seen phone.

O2 has put up a webpage dedicated to the Galaxy S5 and says those interested should be ready for a “Samsung that can do more.” More information about the phone will be released at the end of this month, it goes on to add. While there’s no explicit mention of the phone’s name, the URL clearly talks about the Samsung Galaxy S5.


The image from the teaser

Samsung is widely expected to announce the S5 at its Unpacked 5 press event, which is scheduled to take place at Mobile World Congress later this month. There are no more details on the O2 teaser about the phone, though it does show a phone being dunked in water. Could this hint at a waterproof design for the phone? We can’t be sure yet.

But there’s already so much being said about the Galaxy S5. The latest rumour to come spinning out of the mill is that Samsung will incorporate the fingerprint scanner into the phone’s display. This could make using fingerprints a lot easier than having a separate module for the same. Though there’s no confirmation about this feature, it has been hotly expected to be in the S5 to counter Apple’s TouchID.


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