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New Patents hint at Samsung’s take on flexible displays

Samsung has been working on flexible displays for quite some time and though 2015 is the year when Samsung is expected to show a real flexible display-equipped device, Patent Bolt has uncovered some of the patents filed by the Korean giant, giving us a hint on what to expect in the future. Samsung has applied for a wraparound watch flexible display patent. The display as seen in the image, will wrap around the user’s wrist, thus transforming in a flexible smartwatch.

Some of the other patents show a display with two-fold structure that
can expand to a larger sized display and a display with a fixed form factor that can act as a kickstand. Like its phones and tablets, Samsung seems to be thinking up a lot of new ideas for its smartwatches as well, and after seeing the Gear Fit’s curved display, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company’s next wearable takes things even further.

Flex patent 1


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