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Last Epoch: Xbox and PS5 Release – Latest Updates and Speculations

The gaming community is abuzz with excitement over Last Epoch, an RPG title that has captured the hearts of many. However, while PC gamers are diving into the experience, console players are left wondering: will Last Epoch make its way to Xbox and PS5? Let’s delve into the current status and prospects.

Status of Last Epoch on Consoles

There has yet to be an official confirmation regarding the availability of Last Epoch on Xbox and PS5. Unlike Palworld, which debuted on Xbox from day one, Game has yet to make its console debut. This lack of immediate availability has left console players eagerly awaiting news from the developers.

Insights from Eleventh Hour Games

In a Reddit post approximately seven months ago, Judd Cobler, CEO of Eleventh Hour Games, hinted at the possibility of a console release in the future. However, he emphasized the importance of ensuring a smooth production and operational pipeline for the PC version before expanding to other platforms. Despite community anticipation fueled by this statement, concrete details regarding a console launch still need to be discovered.

Current Situation

Eleventh Hour Games is prioritize the PC platform, gathering feedback and optimizing the gaming experience. Consequently, consoles have no estimated arrival time for the Last Epoch. Additionally, there has yet to be an indication of whether Game will be included in the Xbox Game Pass library upon release.

Speculation and Expectations

While the absence of concrete information may be disheartening for some, fans remain hopeful for a console release shortly. With anticipation building, many eagerly await an official announcement from Eleventh Hour Games. The possibility of Last Epoch joining the Xbox Game Pass lineup adds to the excitement surrounding its potential console debut.


In conclusion, Last Epoch’s availability on Xbox and PS5 remains to be determined. While the game has garnered significant attention and praise, console players must exercise patience as Eleventh Hour Games navigates the complexities of platform expansion. Despite the lack of confirmed details, the community’s enthusiasm underscores the potential impact of Last Epoch’s arrival on consoles.

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