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Last Epoch Chapter Breakdown: All You Need to Know

Last Epoch, developed by Eleventh Hour Games, has emerged from early access, offering players a profound action RPG experience. Drawing inspiration from acclaimed titles like Diablo and Path of Exile, the game immerses players in a narrative spanning multiple eras and timelines. For newcomers, understanding the structure of the game, particularly the chapters, is crucial to enjoying the experience fully.

How Many Chapters Does Last Epoch Have?

Last Epoch debuted as a demo in 2018, captivating players with its immersive gameplay. With nine chapters, the game takes players on a journey through five distinct eras: The divine Era, the Ruined Era, the Imperial Era, the Ancient Era, and the End of Time. It provides a diverse and engaging experience as players progress through quests.

Chapter Breakdown

  • Chapter 1: Divine Era
  • Chapter 2: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 3: Ruined Era
  • Chapter 4: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 5: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 6: Imperial Era
  • Chapter 7: Divine Era
  • Chapter 8: Divine Era
  • Chapter 9: Divine Era

It’s important to note that the 1.0 release does not introduce new chapters; players continue to experience the same content available during early access. However, developers have confirmed plans to add three new chapters in a post-1.0 update, ensuring ongoing excitement for players.

Estimating Completion Time

As an action RPG with extensive replayability, Last Epoch offers varying playtimes for each player. Completing all chapters may take approximately 15-20 hours. However, this duration can vary depending on individual playstyles and exploration tendencies.

Exploring End Game Content

Upon completing the main chapters, players unlock the end game, offering opportunities to delve deeper into character customization and specialization. Players can experiment with different builds, reallocate skills, and craft unique strategies tailored to their preferences. Additionally, the primary campaign enriches the lore of Eterra’s diverse eras, providing a comprehensive gaming experience.


Understanding the chapter structure of Last Epoch enhances the gaming experience, allowing players to plan their journey effectively. With nine captivating chapters and promises of future updates, Last Epoch promises hours of immersive gameplay for RPG enthusiasts.

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