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PlayStation 5 restock India: Everything We Know So Far About the PS5 India Restock Date

PlayStation 5 Restock India

PlayStation 5 restock India: Sony has yet to restock the famous console nearly two months after its February 2, 2021 release date in India. Sony’s PS5 India launch, like the rest of the world’s, was marred by many high-profile controversies that could have been avoided. From apparently respectable e-commerce platforms using bait-and-switch tactics to Sony’s scalping, It’s safe to say that the company could have treated things better if retailers had led the gaming community to take matters into their own hands. This now includes PS5 India restocks.

What Happened to the PS5 India Restock in March 2021?

There has been a delay in the arrival of the next PS5 shipment for the country, according to several Sony sources familiar with the situation who asked not to be identified discussing private information.

It was previously scheduled for the end of March, but no particular date has been announced. None of the major retailers that carried the PS5 had it in stock.

Apart from a March window that the firm is likely to miss, the launch has not been told of a concrete PS5 restock date.

Meanwhile, Sony sub-distributors in other markets, such as Nagpur, have grown tired of customers’ constant calls and demands for availability, to the point where the reason given for the delay is an obvious shipwreck involving PS5s to India.

TechFoogle has confirmed that various sub-distributors in the country have been telling prospective PS5 buyers this, but we haven’t been able to verify if this is true, and Sony doesn’t comment on restocks other than to tell consumers to check its social media channels for updates, so this is at best speculative.

The restocking of the PS5 in India has been pushed back to April.

That isn’t to say there isn’t any information about a possible restock. Several TechFoogle readers reported this week that Sony Centers in Goa and Bhopal were accepting cash from customers after Sony notified them of a PS5 India restock date in the second week of April, citing potential delays. TechFoogle was able to independently confirm that this is the case in these cities.

The second week of April also happens to coincide with another recent Sony development: PS4 restocks. In India, the nearly ten-year-old console is still in high demand, to the point where it recently got a price increase, which did little to dampen the excitement. This should come as no surprise, given that when the PS3 was released, the PS2 saw a surge in popularity, with close to a million units sold.

When the PS4 was released, Sony saw an increase in PS3 sales. The price difference between the older and newer consoles was the cause of both. Given that other options, such as PC gaming, are more expensive than they should be, it’s safe to assume that the PS4 will do well in 2021 if Sony can target budget gamers.

What Restocks of PS4 Tell Us About a PS5 Restock

We can say with certainty, however, that the recent PS4 restock contained fewer consoles than expected. According to several employees of large format retail chains who spoke to TechFoogle on the condition of anonymity, allocation per store has been reduced by 50 to 75 percent in some cases.

Retail Store: One retail executive says, “We asked 50 units per store, and Sony initially agreed.” “However, due to supply issues, we were told this week that our quantities would be reduced.” “Right now, each store is getting 10 to 12 units.” More are expected to arrive in mid-April, according to Sony.”

PlayStation 5 restock India: If Sony chooses to deliver both PS4 and PS5 consoles to India in the same shipment, the mid-April PS5 restock window could be a possibility.

Croma had previously informed consumers that a March release was on the way, and Sony Centers in cities such as Surat were accepting deposits for possible availability until this week.

The PS5’s availability in India isn’t the only issue for Sony.

Sony India is currently dealing with many issues, not just the PS5. According to retailers, the company’s first-party exclusives aren’t selling as well as expected. Many people believe the Rs. 4,999 price tag is excessive.

Customers are willing to pay that much — if not more — for games like Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, but despite arguably conservative shipments, Sony’s launch lineup has received a poor reception. This includes pre-orders for Returnal and Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, both of which are expected to be in the low double digits.

While Sony appears to be aware of the issue PlayStation 5 restock India, with Prosenjit Ghosh, the head of PlayStation India, making a tacit admission of the company’s PS5 game price failures, there has been little done to address it so far. Though we shouldn’t be surprised if that changes soon. More so now, thanks to Microsoft’s renewed zeal in making both the Xbox Series X and S available in India, as well as some smart moves with Xbox Game Pass.

It will be fascinating to see how Sony responds in India, especially after launching with fewer than 4,000 PS5 consoles. During the PS4’s launch, the company shipped in 4,500 units, which sold out in two weeks and required a nearly three-month wait for a restock. With PS5 pre-orders selling out within minutes of going live, we shouldn’t have to wait long for one.

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