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Sony’s Next Gen: PS5 Slim Launched – What’s New?

Sony has continually astounded players worldwide with their next-generation gaming systems, and the PS5 released in 2020 was no exception. Now, Sony is ready to dazzle the gaming community again with the brand-new PlayStation 5 system – the PS5 Slim. This sleeker, more compact console has many enhancements, promising an enticing gaming experience. Let’s delve into the exciting world of the PS5 Slim, exploring its design, features, pricing, and availability.

Sony PS5 Slim: Design and Features

Sony’s PS5 Slim, as the name suggests, is a trimmed-down version of its predecessor, maintaining the original power within a more compact body. The design alterations have earned the Slim moniker, distinguishing it from the initial PS5. The most notable updates in the new PS5 Slim include:

  • 30% Volume Reduction: A slimmer and more ergonomic design.
  • 24% Weight Loss: Making it more manageable and portable.
  • Elegant Finish: New glossy and matte side covers, enhancing aesthetics.
  • Ample Storage: A substantial 1TB game storage ensures much space.
  • Modular Design: The digital model features a removable Blu-ray drive.
  • Versatile Stands: Redesigned horizontal and vertical stands are available separately.

The contrasting finishes on the top and bottom side covers provide a distinctive appearance, catering to different preferences. Despite some criticisms, Sony intended to retain efficiency while introducing a more slender form. The detachable disc drive is essential to play disc-based games on the digital version. In contrast, the disc version comes with the drive included.

Gamers pondering an upgrade from the original PS5 will find the PS5 Slim appealing. However, it’s essential to note that performance remains consistent across both systems. For those still on the PS4, the PS5 Slim presents an enticing upgrade. Sony also affirmed that after the current PS5 supply is exhausted, the new PS5 Slim will be the exclusive choice.

Sony PS5 Slim: Price and Availability Announced

The PS5 Slim comes with a price tag of $449 for the Digital Edition, a modest $49 increase from the original PS5’s launch price. Alternatively, the Disc Edition is priced at $499, offering 1TB of storage. Furthermore, Sony has disclosed the pricing details for Europe, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

For digital PS5 console owners considering a disc drive addition, the removable disc drive adapter is available for $79.99. A horizontal stand is included, while the vertical stand can be purchased separately for $29.99.

Sony has set the release of the PS5 Slim for November 2023. Initially, it will be available at select local stores and the Sony PlayStation Direct website. As soon as the console is available in India, further pricing details will be provided.


The unveiling of the PS5 Slim represents another stride in Sony’s commitment to providing cutting-edge gaming experiences. With its sleek design, enhanced features, and reasonable pricing, it is poised to captivate gamers globally. The new console offers a glimpse into the future of gaming, ensuring players are geared up for an exciting gaming journey. The ball is now in the court of gamers – how do you perceive this new PlayStation 5 iteration? Let your thoughts be known in the comments section below, and explore the finest PS5 games on the horizon.

SOURCE Sony PlayStation Blog

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