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New Sony PlayStation Handheld Buzz: Breaking Down the Rumor Barriers

In the ever-evolving world of gaming, whispers of a new Sony PlayStation handheld have emerged, revitalizing hopes for portable gaming enthusiasts. With the absence of a PlayStation Portable or PS Vita release in recent times, the gaming community has begun to question the fate of handheld consoles. However, a recent revelation suggests that a new player is entering the arena, potentially powered by a special AMD CPU.

The Resurgence of PlayStation Handhelds

Sony’s venture into the handheld gaming market has a storied history, marked by the success of the PSP and the cult-favorite PS Vita. The hiatus in releasing a new handheld device left many wondering if Sony had abandoned the portable gaming landscape. The recent rumors, though unconfirmed, point towards a potential resurrection of the handheld PlayStation.

Insider Insights: Moore’s Law is Dead

The source of this exciting news comes from an unexpected quarter—YouTuber Moore’s Law is Dead (MLID). Known for insider information, MLID claims that a new PlayStation handheld is in its early development stage. What makes this revelation intriguing is the absence of a defined design at this point, leaving room for speculation and excitement within the gaming community.

Image courtesy: moore’s law is dead

AMD’s Role in PlayStation Development

According to MLID’s sources, Sony has granted authorization to Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to craft next-generation CPUs for upcoming PlayStation game systems. It includes not only the anticipated PlayStation 6 but also the rumored handheld PlayStation gaming device.

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Next-Gen AMD CPU: A Glimpse into the Future

Rumors suggest that the internal specs of the next PS portable feature a next-generation AMD CPU, specifically an Advanced Processing Unit (APU). The tantalizing prospect of 18 Compute Units sparks anticipation among gaming enthusiasts, hinting at a powerful handheld gaming experience.

GPU Clock Speed and Backward Compatibility

Further details indicate that the GPU clock speed could be around 1.8GHz, contingent upon the operational dynamics of the PS5’s APU. Moreover, there are murmurs within the gaming community that this new handheld may retain backward compatibility with PlayStation 4 digital titles, catering to the nostalgia of gamers.

Potential Release with PS6

The speculation intensifies with the suggestion that the rumored PlayStation Handheld might make its debut alongside the PS6. While the exact name remains a mystery, terms like Vita 2 and PlayStation Handheld are circulating, providing a glimpse into the potential next-generation game consoles.

Lack of Official Release Date

Despite the excitement surrounding the potential development, an official release date still needs to be discovered. Early rumors often come with a degree of uncertainty, and considering the technology is in its nascent stages, patience is advised. It’s crucial to approach these speculations with a healthy dose of skepticism, especially if a PlayStation 5 Pro release precedes any official handheld confirmation.

Early Development Challenges

The infancy of the technology raises questions about the challenges Sony may encounter during the early stages of development. Balancing innovation, performance, and market demands poses a unique set of hurdles that Sony must navigate to deliver a cutting-edge handheld gaming experience.

The Skeptic’s Perspective

While enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the potential return of a PlayStation handheld, skeptics raise valid concerns. They question the necessity of a new handheld in an era dominated by powerful consoles and cloud gaming solutions. Addressing these concerns will be crucial for Sony to establish the relevance of their new venture.

Portable Gaming Enthusiasts’ Reactions

As news of a potential PlayStation handheld spreads, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement. Portable gaming enthusiasts, reminiscing about the joy of past handhelds, express their anticipation and expectations. Some share their experiences with other gaming handhelds, creating a lively discussion about the future of portable gaming.

Comparisons with Previous Handhelds

Comparing this new handheld with its predecessors, the PSP and the PS Vita will help us understand its potential impact. Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of past handhelds provides insights into the features gamers might crave in the upcoming device.

Future Implications for Gaming

The introduction of a new PlayStation handheld could have broader implications for the gaming industry. From influencing the landscape of portable gaming to inspiring competitors to innovate, the ripple effects of Sony’s potential venture will be felt throughout the gaming community.


In conclusion, the prospect of a new Sony PlayStation handheld, albeit in the early stages of development, has injected excitement into the gaming community. While details remain speculative, the potential collaboration with AMD and the promise of a powerful next-gen CPU offer a glimpse into an exciting future for portable gaming.

SOURCE Moore’s Law is Dead

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