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Sony Raises PlayStation Plus Subscription Prices: What Gamers Need to Know

In a recent announcement, Sony has sent shockwaves through the gaming community by revealing an impending price hike for its PlayStation Plus subscription service. Since its launch a year ago, this membership program has become a staple for gamers, providing various benefits. But now, with subscription fees on the rise, players are left wondering about how this will impact their wallets and gaming adventures.

PlayStation Plus Subscription Prices on the Rise

Come September 6, 2023, Sony will implement new subscription prices for PlayStation Plus. Brace yourself for a notable increase in the cost of a 12-month membership across all tiers. This news comes as a financial curveball for gamers who have come to rely on the existing rates. Let’s delve into the specifics of this price adjustment:

A Shift in Membership Costs

  1. PlayStation Plus: A Must-Have Gaming Companion
  2. With this increase, the 12-month subscription fee will see a 33% surge, amounting to $79.99. It is a substantial jump from the previous $59.99, causing concern within the gaming community.
  3. PlayStation Plus Extra: Elevating the Experience
  4. The PlayStation Plus Extra membership is also evolving for those seeking more perks. A 35% increase in cost, now priced at $134.99, compared to the earlier $99.99, might pause gamers as they weigh the benefits against the expense.
  5. PlayStation Plus Gold: The Pinnacle of Membership
  6. The PlayStation Plus Gold membership, designed for the most dedicated players, will now set you back $159.99—a 33% rise from its previous price of $119.99. This premium tier promises the most comprehensive range of benefits.

The Rationale Behind the Price Adjustment

Sony justifies this significant price alteration by emphasizing its commitment to delivering high-quality games and value-added advantages to its loyal PlayStation Plus users. While this explanation might mollify some, it won’t stop the collective groan from the gaming community. Significantly, the increase will not affect existing subscribers until their next renewal.

A Glimpse into the Gaming Future

Amid this price hike upheaval, Sony has taken the opportunity to unveil a trio of enticing new PlayStation Plus titles slated for September. These games Saints Row, Black Desert – Traveler Edition, and Generation Zero are set to captivate players’ attention. Saints Row, available for both the PS5 and the PS4, promises an adrenaline-fueled experience. Meanwhile, the other two titles will exclusively cater to PS4 users. However, they can also be played on the PS5, albeit with a slight graphical trade-off.

The Backlash and Beyond

Unsurprisingly, the gaming community’s response to this price adjustment has been far from positive. The blogosphere is teeming with critical comments from players who feel the increase is unjustified. This move could appease the disgruntled community whether this cost escalation will translate into more exclusive game offerings.

In an attempt to provide gamers with a silver lining, PlayStation 5 offers a wealth of games that gamers can enjoy. If you’re among the fortunate few with a PS5, a world of immersive gameplay awaits your discovery.

Your Voice Matters

As the gaming world grapples with this subscription price increase, the ball is in the players’ court. What are your thoughts on the new pricing structure? Will you extend your membership ahead of time to avoid the additional expense? The comments section is your platform to be heard, share your perspective, and let fellow gamers know where you stand.


The gaming landscape is ever-evolving, and Sony’s decision to raise PlayStation Plus subscription prices serves as a reminder of the industry’s dynamic nature. While the price hike might be met with scepticism and frustration, it’s crucial to remember that every change comes with opportunities. Whether these price adjustments lead to an influx of exclusive games or an enhanced gaming experience remains to be seen. Still, one thing is for sure: the gamers’ voices will continue to shape the gaming journey.

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