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Apple Tech Triumph: Embracing TSMC 2nm Chips for Unmatched Performance

In a groundbreaking development, Apple is positioned as the pioneer in adopting TSMC’s upcoming 2nm chips, according to insights from DigiTimes. This article explores the implications of this technological leap and the collaborative efforts between Apple and TSMC.

Apple TSMC Plan for 2nm Chips

DigiTimes‘ “Tomorrow’s Headlines” alert provides a glimpse into TSMC’s roadmap, indicating the initiation of 2nm chip production in the latter half of 2025. This shift from the existing 3-nanometer architecture is anticipated to improve speed and power efficiency substantially.

GAAFET Technology Adoption

Central to this transition is TSMC’s adoption of Gate-All-Around Field-Effect Transistors (GAAFET) with nanosheets. This departure from the current FinFET technology promises faster speeds, a smaller transistor size, and lower operational voltage. However, the benefits come with the challenge of a more complex production process.

TSMC’s Investment in 2nm Chip Production

TSMC is sparing no expense in preparing for this technological shift. The company is investing billions in constructing two dedicated facilities for 2nm chip production, with plans for a third facility pending approval. Notably, Apple, as TSMC’s primary client, will need to adapt its hardware to accommodate this cutting-edge technology.

Hardware Adjustments by Apple

Having already adopted 3-nanometer chips in recent devices, such as the A17 Pro chip for iPhone 15 Pro models and the M3 series chips in Macs, Apple is familiar with the impact of chip upgrades. The shift from 5nm to 3nm technology resulted in a remarkable 20% increase in GPU speeds, 10% faster CPU speeds, and a doubling of Neural Engine velocity.

TSMC’s 3nm Enhancements

TSMC does not stop at 2nm. In the interim, the company introduces various 3nm enhancements, including the already-launched N3E and N3P chips. Upcoming releases like N3X for high-performance computing and N3AE for automotive applications underscore TSMC’s commitment to innovation.

Rumors of Advanced Nanometer Chips

Beyond 2nm, rumors circulate about TSMC’s groundwork for even more advanced 1.4-nanometer chips, speculated to debut as early as 2027. Apple is reportedly keen on securing TSMC’s initial production skills for both 1.4nm and 1nm technologies, emphasizing the company’s dedication to staying at the forefront of semiconductor innovation.

Apple’s Commitment to Semiconductor Innovation

This entire trajectory reinforces Apple’s commitment to leading the technological charge. The Cupertino tech giant’s proactive approach ensures it remains ahead of the curve, with a keen interest in the latest advancements and securing future production capabilities.


In conclusion, Apple’s imminent adoption of TSMC’s 2nm chips marks a significant stride in semiconductor innovation. This collaboration highlights the companies’ technological prowess and signifies a broader industry shift towards more advanced and efficient chip architectures.

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