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Breaking News: Apple’s Upcoming AI-Powered M4 Chip for Macs in 2024

For the past few months, Apple’s plans for integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into its devices have been making headlines. From bringing Generative AI to iPhones with the upcoming iOS 18 update to revamping its entire Mac lineup with new AI-focused M4 chips, Apple is gearing up for significant advancements in AI technology.

Introduction to Apple’s AI Plans

Apple’s focus on AI has been evident, especially with the upcoming iOS 18 update that promises to bring Generative AI capabilities to iPhones. However, the recent report from Mark Gurman sheds light on Apple’s broader strategy of incorporating AI into its Mac computers through the new M4 chips.

Apple’s Lag in AI Competition

While Apple has been a leader in many technology sectors, it has faced challenges in the AI race compared to competitors like Google and Microsoft. These companies have already launched AI chatbots, with Microsoft also investing heavily in AI-focused chips like the Qualcomm Snapdragon X series. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has acknowledged this gap, teasing the arrival of Generative AI features in late 2024.

Details about the M4 Chips

The M4 chips are expected to feature a 3-nanometer manufacturing process, similar to the M3 chips. However, Apple’s supplier TSMC is likely to introduce improvements to enhance performance and energy efficiency. An advanced Neural Engine with a higher core count for AI tasks is also on the cards. Additionally, the M4 chips could support up to 512GB of Unified Memory, a substantial increase from the current limit of 192 GB.

Variations of M4 Chips

Apple plans to release the M4 processor in three variations: Conan, Brava, and Hydra. These chips will cater to different market segments and offer varying levels of performance and features.

Expected Timeline for M4 Processor Launch

While an exact launch date for the M4 processor is yet to be announced, given Apple’s previous release patterns, we can expect the M4 lineup to debut around late 2024 or early 2025. The initial recipients of the AI-focused M4 processors are likely to be the 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, Mac mini, and iMac, followed by other models in the subsequent months.


The introduction of the M4 chips marks a significant step forward for Apple in integrating AI capabilities into its devices. With improved performance, energy efficiency, and AI processing power, the M4 chips are poised to enhance the user experience across Apple’s product lineup.

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