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Breaking News: Apple Vision Pro Release Date Revealed by Gurman!

The tech world is excited as Apple prepares to unveil its groundbreaking product – the mixed reality headset, Apple Vision Pro Release Date. Announced during the WWDC event on June 5, 2023, Apple declared that the much-anticipated device would hit the shelves early in the following year. As we approach 2024, the eminent Apple analyst Mark Gurman suggests that the Apple Vision Pro Release Date is just around the corner, with an imminent announcement expected.

Apple Vision Pro Release Date

Gurman’s Insight: A Glimpse into the Future

In his recent Power On newsletter, Gurman shed light on the potential Apple Vision Pro Release Date. Warehouses throughout the USA are gearing up for the launch, with the headset already making its way to select locations in limited quantities. Gurman predicts that Apple will align with its schedule, ensuring sufficient Vision Pro units at retail stores by the end of January, setting the stage for a possible launch on February 1, 2024.

Strategic Timing: Beating CES 2024 Spotlight

Gurman speculates that Apple might announce the Apple Vision Pro release date next week, strategically diverting attention from CES 2024, the largest annual tech event scheduled from January 9-12 this year. This calculated move ensures the spotlight remains firmly on Apple and its groundbreaking mixed-reality headset.

Complexity Unveiled: Vision Pro’s Unique Launch Approach

Vision Pro represents one of Apple’s most intricate product launches in a decade. Initially, Apple plans to exclusively sell the headset in its stores, allowing potential buyers to experience the product firsthand and choose the Light Seal for optimal comfort.

Preparation Behind the Scenes: Training and Logistics

Apple has been sending its retail staff from across the USA to Cupertino headquarters for extensive training to guarantee a seamless launch. Gurman reveals that on January 21, Apple retail personnel will undergo a three-hour-long briefing on the demo and sales process. The following week, retail outlets will receive new inventory racks and backroom equipment for the Vision Pro launch.

Global Expansion: Beyond US Borders

While Apple initially announced that Vision Pro would not be available in other countries until 2024, Gurman suggests a potential acceleration of the global launch. According to him, Apple is contemplating releasing Vision Pro in China, the United Kingdom, and Canada shortly after its successful debut in the United States.


As the tech community eagerly awaits the imminent announcement of the Apple Vision Pro Release Date, all eyes are on Apple to redefine the mixed reality experience. The strategic timing, meticulous preparation, and global expansion plans indicate Apple is gearing up for a monumental moment in its product history.

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