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Apple Mixed Reality Headset, Rumored To Run On “xrOS,” Is Likely Coming Soon

Apple has reportedly been working on a mixed-reality headset for quite some time. The company is supposedly planning to introduce it by next year. The most recent information says the new system will be called “xrOS.”

Details of the alleged Apple AR/VR headset have surfaced online.

Bloomberg recently reported that the company Apple has changed the name for its mixed reality headset and will now call it ‘xrOS,’ as per people close to the matter. The ‘XR’ in the name stands for Extended Reality, which includes both Augmented and Virtual Reality, which the headset focuses on. However, Meta might also use the same name for an OS on its headsets.

Earlier, it was suggested the Apple AR/VR headset would be called RealityOS. Some evidence was found from some trademark filings by shell companies. This report from Bloomberg also mentions a trademark filing about the Apple AR/VR headset but filed by a different shell company. It’s reasonable to believe that there’s another shell company behind it, which Apple owns. It’s typical for Apple to use these companies when they want to trademark their products.

It still needs to be determined if xrOS is the last name of the Apple headset’s operating system. According to a rumored launch date for the headgear, it will be ready before next year’s WWDC. Meta’s Quest Pro has recently been released, and the forthcoming headset is expected to compete with it.

The next generation of iPhone is expected to feature dual processors, bringing it to the same level of power as a Mac. It should support apps and may include some new Apple apps like Maps or Messages. There could be new content for VR headsets and virtual reality experiences in FaceTime and other places. It’s expected that this device will be an expensive offering.

Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset is finally here, and it looks like it will be available in 2023. We don’t know the details yet, but we’ll share them with you as they release. 

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