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Apple AR Headset May Be Coming with Iris Scanner for Payments

After years of speculation, Apple AR Headset may finally be released next year. There were several claims in the past with specifics, and now we have some new data that suggests the presence of an iris scanner.

Apple AR Headset Details

According to the most recent story from The Information, Apple is considering including an iris scanner in its next virtual reality headset. Persons sporting the headgear may quickly log in to their accounts and complete financial transactions thanks to this biometric authentication mechanism.

Upon putting on the headset, the user’s iris will be scanned so that they may access their respective accounts. The headset’s built-in cameras will be utilized for this purpose. Users’ eye movements will be tracked using these, leading to higher-quality visuals. Rendering the out-of-focus regions will improve the graphics without negatively hurting performance.

Additionally, it is stated that Apple’s augmented reality headset will have roughly 14 cameras, making for more fluid motion tracking than the 10 cameras seen in the newly released Meta Quest Pro headset. A premium design is expected to distinguish this headset apart from Meta’s. “Mesh textiles, metal, and glass” are all part of the plan.

In addition, it has to be more lightweight so that people may use it for extended periods without experiencing any fatigue. Additionally, the headset may include magnetic attachments to accommodate power glasses.

As for additional aspects, the headgear might come with two processors with Mac-level computational capability, receive two 8K screens, appropriate support for applications, gesture controls, and much more. And it could run RealityOS. If you want to find out more about the Apple AR headset, you can read our post on the subject.

Apple’s augmented reality headset will debut sometime in 2019 and will be a pricey offering. Nothing is set in stone just yet, though, since we have no information from Apple. Hence, it’s essential to keep patient and wait for further details to emerge. Never fear. We won’t fail to inform you. Until then, let us know what you think of the Apple AR Headset and whether the inclusion of iris scanning is anything that piques your curiosity in the comments.

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