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Sony PlayStation State of Play 2024: Leaked Game List and Rumored Date

It’s barely a month into 2024, and the gaming world is already buzzing with excitement! Recent whispers suggest that PlayStation’s highly anticipated PlayStation State of Play event might be just around the corner, potentially concluding in January. While gamers were treated to previews of thrilling titles like Indiana Jones and Hellblade 2 at the Xbox Developer Direct earlier this month, the upcoming State of Play promises an array of fresh announcements.

The source of this information is a cryptic tweet by gaming industry insider @Shpeshal_Nick, previously known as X, on Twitter. According to the tweet, the PlayStation State of Play might grace our screens on January 31st.

“On the 31st (roughly), Ronins will Rise, we’ll die stranded, have a rebirth and Kojima will fulfil his dream. Sonic will live in the shadow of his generation while the hills will remain silent until the dawn when you’ll need to catch the metro. Just don’t be a Judas about it.”

Despite this intriguing revelation, Sony has not officially confirmed the rumored date. Beyond the date speculation, there’s compelling information about some of the possible announcements!

PlayStation State of Play: Upcoming Games

While the exact date remains speculative, the decoded content from the cryptic tweet gives us a clear glimpse into potential games featured in the upcoming PlayStation State of Play. Titles like Rise of the Ronin, Death Stranding 2, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, and a Sonic Game (possibly Sonic Generations Remastered) are among the rumored inclusions. There’s also mention of Silent Hill 2, Until Dawn Remaster, a new Metro game, and a game called Judas, believed to be Ken Levine’s next project.

With these exciting titles on the horizon, questions arise about the absence of Stellar Blade, a game teased by PlayStation for months. Will these be the final selections, or will PlayStation surprise us with additional titles? Only time will unveil the gaming delights that await.

As a fan of games like Until Dawn and Silent Hill, the prospect of both new releases and remasters is exhilarating. The track record of PlayStation remasters speaks for itself. If the event date holds, all eyes will be on PlayStation as 2024 kicks off with a gaming spectacle from both Xbox and PlayStation.

The PlayStation State of Play event stands as one of PlayStation’s premier showcase events. The last iteration took place in September 2023, unveiling gems like Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. This upcoming State of Play might offer insights into release dates, sneak peeks, or first looks at titles in development at Sony’s game factory.

What are Your Thoughts?

Now, over to you, fellow gamers! What are your thoughts on the leaked materials for the PlayStation State of Play event? Are there specific games you wish to see aside from those listed? Share your excitement, expectations, and predictions in the comments below. Let’s build the anticipation together!

Get ready for an exhilarating start to 2024 as the gaming community eagerly awaits the revelations at PlayStation State of Play.


In summary, the leaked information about Sony PlayStation State of Play event has set the gaming community abuzz with anticipation. While the rumored date and potential game list provide exciting prospects, the need for official confirmation leaves room for speculation. Gamers, brace yourselves for a thrilling showcase that might include titles like Rise of the Ronin, Death Stranding 2, and more. The absence of Stellar Blade raises questions, but the gaming world eagerly awaits what PlayStation has in store for 2024.

Now, let’s delve into the community’s thoughts and expectations in the comments. What games are you hoping to see, and what surprises do you think Sony has up its sleeve?

SOURCE X/@Shpeshal_Nick

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