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Samsung to add premium subscription to Milk Music

samsung milk music

Back in March, Samsung launched Milk Music, a music streaming service for selected devices in its lineup. As an introductory offer, Milk Music was offered for free, but Samsung had hinted that it would soon be introducing ads later on, and now, it looks those ads could be arriving very soon. Samsung has released an infographic that reveals that users will soon encounter ads when trying to use the service. However, for those willing to pay, there will also be a $3.99 premium subscription that will remove all ads – premium members will also get
“exclusive features”, though at the moment the company isn’t divulging any details on what these features will entail (things like offline caching of music could be an option.)
Milk Music currently offers over 200 radio stations with more than 13 million songs from 17 different genres. It offers curated playlists and also allows creating personal stations from particular tracks, stations that are synced between all Samsung devices owned by a user. The service continues to be exclusive to consumers in the U.S., though hopefully that will change once the premium subscription option comes into effect.

samsung milk music

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