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Samsung expects to ship 100+ million Galaxy S/Notes, forty(40) million tablets in 2013

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Devices with folding displays by 2015 are all well and good, but however well is Samsung doing currently? Well, the corporate provided some numbers to the anxious investors at its Analyst Day in peninsula – Samsung says it expects to sell quite one hundred million of Galaxy S and Note devices (including the Galaxy S3, S4, Note II and 3), and 40 million+ tablets (confirming what was claimed in a report yesterday).

For the coming year, Samsung believes most sales will come from tablets larger than 10-inch with shipments touch one hundred million, hinting at the approaching 12.2-inch and presumably 13.3-inch Galaxy tablets. As for the almost-saturated high-end smartphone market, Samsung isn’t distressed and believes the high-end market is stable, but to any growth, the corporate will be looking at lower-cost devices and people with LTE and LTE-A property, expecting 1/2 total smartphones within the world to be LTE-enabled by 2017.
Samsung also believes that the tablet and pc market will merge sooner or later, a sentiment others have shared as well, and that it needs to be at the forefront whenever that happens. Of course, at now these are all estimates, but given the resources Samsung has at its disposal, abundant of it could end up to be true, and that will doubtless keep the investors quite happy. a minimum of for now.

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