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Android 14 Release Date Confirmed: What to Expect

Google is nearly ready to treat you to its delicious upsidedown cake sweetness with Android 14 after two developer previews and over 11 Beta upgrades on Pixel smartphones. While it does not have the groundbreaking innovations and UI improvements introduced by Android 12, it includes (pun intended) some pretty great quality improvements and small additions that should improve your experience. However, this post will determine when your Pixel smartphone will get the Android 14 stable update.

The Eagerly Awaited Android 14

If you own an Android from a different manufacturer, check out our Android 14 compatible devices list, which includes a list of all OEMs and their devices that may get the 14 upgrade in the future.

Release Date Speculations

In terms of release date, all Pixel smartphones, beginning with the Pixel 4a 5G, will get the Android 14 upgrade on October 4, the same day the Pixel 8 series is released. According to the AOSP tree, 14 was expected to be launched on September 4. However, it has been pushed out to next month. To ensure you get all the updates, here is a list of all Google devices that will receive it.

Devices Getting Android 14

  • 5G Pixel 4a
  • Google Pixel 5 / Pixel 5a
  • Pixel 6 / Pixel 6 Pro / Pixel 6a
  • Pixel 7 / 7a / 7 Pro
  • Pixel Folding
  • Tablet Pixel
  • Pixel 8 (with Android 14 pre-installed)

The update should arrive on the same day for all Pixel devices. Other OEMs, such as OnePlus and Samsung, had intended to release in the same month as Google. Still, we must determine whether Google has embargoed that release, preventing manufacturers from pushing the upgrade until October. The good news is that we still know when the update will be released; the bad news is that it is still a month away.

Should You Test the Beta?

If you’re eager, you may test Android 14 by registering your Pixel in the Beta program, which now has platform stability and should be reliable. However, if you want to avoid dealing with hidden issues, it could be a good idea to wait till Android 14 is out.


In conclusion, Android 14 is just around the corner, with a scheduled release date of October 4 for Pixel devices. While it might not be as groundbreaking as previous Android versions, it promises some quality improvements that should enhance your smartphone experience. Suppose you’re adventurous and can’t wait. In that case, you can try the Beta version, but if you prefer a stable background, holding off until the official release is a wise choice.

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