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Glorious Gaming Arrives in India: A Paradigm Shift in Peripherals

Glorious Gaming, a well-established USA-based peripherals brand, has set its sights on India, much to the delight of PC hardware enthusiasts in the country. With an impressive range of gaming peripherals tailored to the needs of PC enthusiasts, Glorious Gaming is making waves in the Indian gaming industry. The official launch of Glorious Gaming in India introduces many exciting products, including mousepads, keyboards, mice, and various other PC accessories.

A New Player in the Indian Gaming Peripherals Market

Glorious Gaming’s foray into India comes as part of its expansion plans. The brand has built a reputation in the USA for delivering top-tier gaming peripherals. Now, Indian gamers have the opportunity to experience the same level of quality. The company’s unique and diverse product portfolio caters to the diverse needs of the gaming community.

A Proud Partnership with Think 24 India

Glorious Gaming has partnered with Think 24 India, a subsidiary of WB Technologies, a prominent Kuwait-based IT distributor, to ensure a seamless distribution network. This partnership guarantees that customers in India can easily access Glorious Gaming’s products. The products will be available through popular online platforms like Amazon India and Flipkart and select retail outlets.

A Comprehensive Product Range

Glorious Gaming’s product range is nothing short of impressive. The company offers highly specialized mouse shapes designed for different gaming styles, ensuring gamers can find the perfect fit for their gaming preferences. Additionally, their mousepads are made of unique and innovative materials to provide the ultimate precision and control during gameplay.

Mechanical keyboard enthusiasts will also be delighted with Glorious Gaming’s offerings. The brand equips its mechanical keyboards with Glorious-exclusive mechanical switches, known for their durability and responsiveness. Beyond keyboards and mice, Glorious Gaming also offers a wide selection of other PC hardware accessories, including wrist rests, keycaps, mechanical switches, coiled cables, mouse feet, bungees, and more.

Riding the Wave of Gaming Industry Growth in India

A remarkable growth has been observed in the Indian gaming industry, fueled by the government’s official recognition of esports games as a “multi-sport event.” This recognition has drawn more attention to gaming as a competitive and enjoyable pursuit, increasing demand for high-quality gaming peripherals. As per Allied Market Research, the gaming accessories industry is projected to reach $14.4 billion by 2030, signifying a significant opportunity for Glorious Gaming’s expansion.

The Voice of Think 24 Trading India

B N Suramani, the Business Development Manager of Think 24 Trading India, couldn’t contain his excitement about the launch of Glorious Gaming peripherals in India. He expressed, “What sets Glorious Gaming apart is their unparalleled variety of products that empower gamers to design their ideal gaming setups. From top-notch keyboards and mice to premium mousepads, each product allows users to enjoy gaming to the fullest. We are fully committed to providing the Indian gaming community with Glorious Gaming’s premium products, catering to every gamer’s diverse needs.”

Unmatched After-Sales Support

For gamers who prioritize after-sales support, Think 24 Trading India has got them covered. The company is dedicated to handling sales inquiries and product support, extending its services to include the Glorious Gaming brand. This commitment ensures that Indian gamers can enjoy their gaming peripherals worry-free.


The entry of Glorious Gaming into the Indian gaming peripherals market is undoubtedly a game-changer. With a broad and innovative product range, partnered with a reliable distributor, Indian gamers can now elevate their gaming experiences to new heights. As the gaming industry continues to grow in the country, Glorious Gaming is poised to become a prominent player, enriching the lives of gamers with its top-quality peripherals.

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