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Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X Series: A Paradigm Shift in PC Technology

Qualcomm, a renowned tech giant, has made a significant stride in its PC platform nomenclature. The new name on the block is the Snapdragon X series, a departure from the previously known Snapdragon 8cx platform that was introduced by Qualcomm back in 2018. In this article, we’ll delve into what this new development means and what Qualcomm has in store for the future of PC technology.

Introduction: Qualcomm’s New PC Platform Name

The Snapdragon X series, unveiled by Qualcomm, marks a pivotal moment in the tech industry. It’s a step forward in the relentless pursuit to revolutionize the next generation of PC experiences. This new platform is expected to enhance performance, AI integration, networking capabilities, and, most importantly, battery life.

The Snapdragon X Series Announcement

Qualcomm has officially announced the Snapdragon X series. This announcement comes with great anticipation, considering the impactful transformation it is set to introduce in the PC market. Expectations are high as the world awaits the launch in 2024, and industry experts are eager to witness how Qualcomm’s roadmap will shape this evolving landscape.

Key Features of Snapdragon X Series

The Snapdragon X series will focus on key aspects such as heightened performance, AI augmentation, enhanced networking features, and improved battery efficiency. These features are set to redefine the way PCs function and pave the way for more efficient computing experiences.

Integration of Qualcomm’s Expertise

Leveraging its rich experience in CPU, GPU, and NPU architecture, Qualcomm is all set to employ its expertise in crafting the Snapdragon X series. This series will showcase the innovative Qualcomm Oryon CPU, designed to boost processing speed and optimize battery usage. Moreover, Qualcomm’s NPU will be an integral component, offering users creative AI-driven experiences.

The Unique Qualcomm Oryon CPU

The Qualcomm Oryon CPU, introduced last year, stands as a testament to Qualcomm’s commitment to innovation. Its unique design and capabilities are expected to significantly contribute to the efficiency and speed of the Snapdragon X series, enhancing user experiences.

Utilizing Qualcomm’s NPU for AI Experiences

Incorporating Qualcomm’s NPU into the Snapdragon X series will bring creative and practical AI experiences. This integration will showcase the potential of AI, opening new doors for applications and functionalities that were previously unattainable.

The Significance of Snapdragon X Branding

Qualcomm’s choice of branding, the Snapdragon X series, holds strategic significance. The aim is to set this PC platform apart from others, emphasizing the evolution and forward-thinking approach that it embodies. The new visual style accompanying the Snapdragon X branding will make this distinction more evident.

Unveiling the Visual Style

While the logo and platform badges for the Snapdragon X series are yet to be revealed, expectations are high for a captivating visual style that aligns with the innovation and sophistication Qualcomm aims to deliver. The big reveal is anticipated during the forthcoming Snapdragon Summit on October 24, along with the announcement of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform.

Upcoming Launch at Snapdragon Summit

As we eagerly await the Snapdragon Summit, scheduled for October 24, it’s an exciting time to stay tuned for further updates and insights. This event promises to unveil the first Snapdragon X platform, providing a glimpse into the future of PC technology.


The Snapdragon X series by Qualcomm represents a remarkable leap forward in PC technology. With its focus on improved performance, AI integration, networking enhancements, and battery efficiency, it is poised to redefine how we interact with computers. The innovative Qualcomm Oryon CPU and NPU integration showcase the commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. Stay connected to witness the transformation at the upcoming Snapdragon Summit.

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