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Now download your entire search history from Google


Google wants to give you a ride down memory lane. The tech giant has introduced a new feature via which users can download their entire Google Search history from the Web & App Activity section in their browser. Users will need to sign in and go to their Google Account History page, and then click on the gear icon, and select Download.

Users will then see a warning message which says, “it’s not the usual yada yada,” and are advised to set up 2-step verification. According to an unofficial Google Operating System blog, “When you download your past searches, a copy of your history will be saved securely to the Takeout folder in Google Drive. You can download the files to your computer if you want a copy on your computer.” Google also advises that the archive should not be downloaded on a public computer to maintain privacy.


Once you have requested to download it, you will be notified immediately via Gmail with a link to the archive on Google Drive and the option to download it to your hard drive as a ZIP file. You will then see a series of JSON files, split chronologically by quarter, which can then be saved as a ZIP file to your desktop.

The new feature is related to Google’s Takeout, a service designed to let users move their data out of Google. Downloading your search history will not delete the data, but you have the option to delete part of or your entire search history manually.

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