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Next Galaxy Note to feature a new form factor

samsung galaxy note 4

In a wide-ranging interview with Reuters, Samsung’s senior VP for product strategy Yoon Han-kil mentioned that the manufacturer was working on a new Tizen handset that will launch later this quarter. In addition, he also mentioned that a smartwatch running Android Wear was in the works, and that it would be available sometime later this year. Yoon also stated in the interview that Samsung will be launching the next version of the Galaxy Note with a “new form factor” in the second half
of 2014. Yoon did not elaborate further on what the form factor would be, but it is clear that the manufacturer is looking for the next big breakthrough.
Samsung is said to be focusing on the wearable segment this year, but that doesn’t mean that the manufacturer will not lavish attention on its smartphone line. It is likely that Samsung would utilize a curved display that folds to the sides of the device. The three-sided display uses Samsung’s Youm flexible screen technology and allows users to view incoming notifications and read messages at an angle. This isn’t the first time we’re hearing rumors of a three-sided screen on the next version of the Galaxy Note. In February, there were indications that Samsung would utilize this technology in the next version of the Galaxy Note device. In addition to the three-sided display, the device is said to be water and dust resistant, much like the Galaxy S5. What do you think of such a device? Would you be interested in buying a Galaxy note with a three-sided screen?

samsung galaxy note 4

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