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Magic Leap shows how mixed reality can transform human computer interaction


Magic Leap showed off some more applications of its mixed reality technology. While virtual reality is made up entirely of computer generated or camera footage, and plonks you in the middle of another environment, mixed reality or augmented reality overlays the real world with foreign objects. Magic Leap is an mixed reality tech company with over $1.4 billion in funding so far, but does not have beta gear for developers or any devices in the market. The veil of secrecy around the company was lifted somewhat in this detailed Wired profile on the company.

Magic Leap also launched a video to showcase the products it is developing. Titled ‘A New Morning‘, the video showcases how mixed reality technology can get rid of screens entirely. Notifications and current weather hover over the desk. Charts with spreadsheet data are rendered in three dimensions. An interactive multimedia project is shown, which projects a miniature mount Everest on the desk, along with different routes to approach the mountain. After that there is a shopping demo, with shoes pulled out of an online store, into real space. You can look at the shoe from all angles as it slowly rotates in front of the shop “screen”. There is a final punch as you look up and a smack of jellyfish lazily swim past.

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