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iPhone SE 4 Design Unveiled: CAD Renders & Singular Camera Insight

The anticipation surrounding the next-generation iPhone SE has been mounting, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest iteration. Recent CAD renders obtained by 91Mobiles have shed light on the design of the iPhone SE 4, offering insights into its aesthetic and features. Let’s explore what these renders reveal about Apple’s upcoming budget-friendly smartphone.

iPhone SE 4 Design

The CAD renders vividly depict the iPhone SE 4’s appearance, hinting at a departure from its predecessor’s design ethos. With a striking resemblance to the iPhone 14 series, the iPhone SE 4 is poised to embrace modernity while retaining its affordability.

Display and Notch

Image Courtesy: 91mobiles

One of the notable features showcased in the renders is the adoption of a 6.1-inch all-screen display adorned with a Face ID notch reminiscent of recent iPhone models. This move signifies a shift towards a more immersive viewing experience, aligning the SE 4 with contemporary smartphone trends.

Port and Button Configuration

Image Courtesy: 91mobiles

In a departure from its predecessor’s curved design and Lightning port, the iPhone SE 4 opts for flat edges and a USB-C port, mirroring the current iPhone lineup. Additionally, including an Action Button, akin to the iPhone 15 Pro models, promises enhanced functionality and user convenience.

Camera Setup

The CAD renders indicate a solitary rear camera cutout with a flash sensor, deviating from the dual-camera setup in higher-tier iPhone models. Speculations suggest the possibility of a substantial upgrade to a 48MP sensor, potentially elevating the iPhone SE 4’s photography capabilities.

Dimensions and Comparison

According to the renders, the iPhone SE 4 is projected to measure 147mm in height, 71.5mm in width, and 7.7mm in thickness, signaling a departure from its compact predecessor. These dimensions bring it closer in size to the iPhone 14, reaffirming its alignment with Apple’s current design language.

Validating Previous Speculations

The CAD renders corroborate earlier reports surrounding the iPhone SE 4’s design cues, reinforcing expectations of a transformative upgrade. From Face ID integration to an OLED display and USB-C connectivity, the SE 4 appears poised to bridge the gap between affordability and innovation.

Potential Implications

While the prospect of a revamped iPhone SE is exciting, concerns regarding its departure from compact form factors linger. With the discontinuation of models like the iPhone 12 mini, Apple risks alienating users who favor smaller smartphones for their ergonomic appeal.


In unveiling the design nuances of the iPhone SE 4, the CAD renders offer a tantalizing glimpse into Apple’s strategic direction. As the tech giant continues to blur the lines between affordability and premium features, the iPhone SE 4 stands poised to redefine the budget smartphone segment.

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