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The New iOS 17 Leak Reveals Changes to the Lock Screen

The much-awaited WWDC 2023 conference is just around the corner, and it’s time to brace ourselves for some significant announcements, including the much-rumored AR headset and the latest iteration of Apple’s iOS operating system, iOS 17. With the impending release, several leaks and rumors have surfaced online about the upcoming changes, and the most recent leak provides more details on the expected modifications to the lock screen. This article will discuss the latest information about iOS 17’s lock screen changes.

iOS 17 Leak Reveals Changes

Expect Live Activity for Apple Maps

One significant change to the iOS 17 lock screen is Live Activity for Apple Maps. According to @Analyst941 on Twitter, this new lock screen feature will allow you to get a sizeable view of the Maps app on your lock screen, including the time and date on top. The leaked screenshot shows you can see your current location and directions to your destination. However, unlike the full view of Apple Maps on the lock screen in iOS 16, it won’t be interactive, which shows the time, distance, and estimated arrival time (ETA).

Easier Navigation with Adjustable Map Size

The ability to adjust the size of Apple Maps on the lock screen is another interesting feature in iOS 17. With this new change, navigation will become more manageable, and seeing other aspects of the lock screen will be easier. Additionally, it could be sized like a music player when needed, making it easier to access.

Improved Notifications While Navigating

Currently, iOS 16 does not let you see notifications while navigating. However, iOS 17 will make it easier to see notifications by just swiping up. According to rumors, this change will affect all iPhones. However, it’s uncertain if it applies to Google Maps or other third-party apps.

Additional Lock Screen Changes

In addition to the abovementioned changes, iOS 17 is expected to bring several other lock screen modifications, including custom lock screen designs, song lyrics on the lock screen, and more. Moreover, some incremental changes are also expected, such as new brightness levels for the flashlight. There is also a possibility of sideloading apps, but concrete information has yet to be provided.

More Exciting Apple Announcements to Come

Apart from iOS 17, the WWDC 2023 event will introduce new versions of iPadOS, watchOS, macOS, tvOS, and a new MacBook Air. It’s an exciting time for Apple enthusiasts, and the WWDC event promises to be exciting.


The leak of iOS 17 lock screen changes has given us a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming operating system. Live Activity for Apple Maps, adjustable map size, and better navigation notifications are exciting features that users can look forward to. Furthermore, the event promises to be exciting, with several other announcements from Apple.

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