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iOS 16 Bringing iConic Clownfish Wallpaper For iPhones

iOS 16 Clownfish Wallpaper: Apple just began distributing iPhones with iOS 16 developer beta 3. The update included many noteworthy changes, such as Lockdown mode, a security feature designed to enhance iPhone security. Apple appears to have restored the ancient clownfish wallpaper from the first iPhone, among other adjustments.

Will the Clownfish Wallpaper Return?

For those unfamiliar, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs utilized the clownfish wallpaper while introducing the first iPhone in 2007. However, this wallpaper was never included in the iPhone models that were released. The wallpaper is making a reappearance 15 years later, in the latest iOS 16.3 developer beta.

Some users are noticing the clownfish wallpaper on the most recent developer release, as was initially noticed by Twitter users and noted by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman. Others, even if they are using the same build, do not have the wallpaper.

The wallpaper also features a swipe-up movement, according to Reddit user u/ActorVMI. The wallpaper is available for download here, courtesy of 9to5Mac. For those who are unaware, Apple released a macOS version of the clownfish wallpaper in 2009 accompanying the introduction of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. 

Download Clownfish Wallpaper

More iOS 16 Wallpapers

If Apple intends to deploy the clownfish wallpaper with iOS 16, we may anticipate it to be more widely available in future beta releases. However, nothing is certain as of yet. So, do you have the clownfish wallpaper if you installed the most recent iOS developer preview? Tell us in the comments.

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