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Intel announces First A-Series Desktop GPU

The First Arc A-Series Desktop GPU from Intel is on display, with a Summer 2022 release date.

We’ve heard a lot of leaks and rumours about Intel’s Arc GPU family, which will compete with AMD and Nvidia. Following that, in a new video, the business unveiled its first Arc desktop GPU, which would be available as a “limited edition” model in the summer of 2022. Along with the new mobile Arc GPUs, Intel has released a press release. Let’s go over the specifics.

Intel Arc desktop GPU will be available in the summer of 2022

Following the premiere of the Arc laptop GPUs, Intel produced an official video introducing the Intel Arc A-series GPU for desktops. Although the business did not divulge much about the GPU, the movie did demonstrate the design, port placement, and other details.

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The Intel Arc A-series Desktop GPU has been revealed to have two fans as well as a few connectors on its left edge. These contain an HDMI port as well as three display ports. Although Intel did not share the details in the video. You can see the video below.

Furthermore, the business is referring to its Arc GPU for desktops as a “limited edition” model. As a result, it’s unclear whether Intel will produce restricted quantities of the GPU or whether it’s merely a marketing word for the device.

Intel Arc Mobile GPUs are also now available

In addition to releasing the limited edition Arc GPU, Intel has also launched two new Arc 3 GPUs for thin-and-light laptops. The Arc A350M and Arc A370M mobile GPUs will be available shortly in laptop models from OEMs such as Asus, Acer, MSI, Dell, Lenovo, HP, and Samsung. These laptops will have Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake CPUs as well as the Arc GPUs to provide ideal performance for gamers and creators alike.

OEMs will also be able to use Intel’s “Deep Link” technology to dynamically balance the CPU and GPU of their laptops to give power and performance based on different sorts of operations, according to Intel.

DirectX 12, variable-rate shading, and ray tracing are all supported by the Arc 3 GPUs. And, like the 12th-Gen CPUs, they are built on Intel’s High-Performance Gaming or HPG layer of the Intel Xe architectural stack, thus combining the two can give an enhanced performance for specific video encoding and AI functions. The Arc A350M has six Xe cores, whilst the Arc A370M has eight cores. Now, owing to the Arc A370greater M’s core count, Intel claims that the GPU will be able to offer 60FPS at 1080p for most high-end games on the market. These two are also compatible with the Intel Evo platform.

Now, Intel is yet to reveal the price and availability of the Intel Arc GPU for PCs. Although it is likely to be released later this summer, we do not yet have a specific launch date. So, stay tuned for further information and share your opinions on the Intel Arc A-series GPUs in the comments section below.

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