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If you want to avoid Online Banking Scams, then follow these Tips


how to avoid Online Banking Scams tips : To avoid online banking scams, we should keep a few things in mind. Today we will tell you about those things in detail here so that you will be able to keep your bank account completely safe.

how to avoid Online Banking Scams tips: Cases of online fraud and banking scams are increasing rapidly as digital transactions grow in the country. Indian banks along with the central government have taken stringent steps to curb these cases. Also, guidelines have been issued from time to time. But despite all this, cyber thugs are emptying people’s accounts. In such a situation, it is very important to know what should be kept in mind to avoid fraud and safe Banking. Let’s know about them in detail.

Use original anti-virus Software

Original anti-virus software should always be used in your computer or laptop to avoid attacks such as phishing and malware. Anti-virus works by detecting and removing spyware from any device, which can steal your private and sensitive data.

Change the Password from Time to Time

Users should always change their password. With this, their account remains safe and personal information is also protected. The most important thing is that you do not share information related to your account and password with anyone. Keep in mind that sometimes you do not have to keep a simple password. The password should be something that is not easily detected by anyone.

Activate mobile notifications

If you have not subscribed for mobile notifications yet, then do it now. Whenever there is a transaction from your account, you will receive a notification. If you have not done that transaction, you can file a report for it. Not only the transaction but the number of times a wrong password has been logged in your account, it will also be informed.

Do not use public computers

Never use a public computer to do net-banking. This puts your information at risk. At the same time, if you ever do this under compulsion, then after logout delete the history of the browser. Also, delete all the temporary files of the computer. It is better that you login into such an account in Incognito mode.

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