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How To Keep Smartphone Safe From Cyber Attacks

Smartphone cyber attaks
Keep these tips to protect your smartphone from cyber activity


The Smartphone is not used only for calling or listening. These days Smartphones are also used for internet browsing, such as app-based transactions, banking, social media surfing. In the last decade, the technology has made the life of the people as simple, the intensity of cyber attacks caused by this technique has also increased. Because of the cyber attack, many times people have been hacked with personal data as well as bank accounts, as well as bank accounting.

To avoid this kind of problem, you must have installed VPN and security software in your laptop, Smartphone or tablet. If you want them to take care of your device, then you have to take care of them too. You can keep your device and security in such a way. Today we are going to give you some tips to avoid your Smartphone or other device from such cyber attacks.

How To Keep Smartphone Safe From Cyber Attacks

Update Antivirus

Whether you have an Android Smartphone or a PC or a laptop, you must have installed anti-virus for the security of your device. Just because your device or network is not secured by installing anti-virus, you also have to update the system or device installed anti-virus from time to time. To update Antivirus, you need to check the notification tab of your device whether or not there is an update message. If you do not see the message, then check for manual updates. Update all your security products by checking for updates. After updating your device will be completely secure and hackers will find it hard to hack.

Whether or not the anti-virus works, test it out

You have installed anti-virus in your device and you have also updated it but check whether it is working or not. For this, you have to check security features by visiting Anti-Malware Testing Standards Organization website. Try running different tests available here and in the results you will know whether your Antivirus is effective or not. This test examines various aspects.

Steps to Verify VPN

Many users use VPN (VPN) i.e. virtual private networks to make their network connection more secure. It protects it by changing your normal Internet connection to an encrypted connection. If you are using VPN then you will have to check periodically that your VPN is not leaking anywhere. For this you have to turn off your VPN and go to the browser and search for ‘What is My IP’. After this you have to connect on VPN on. After this, once again ‘What is My IP’ search again. Both times you will see different IPs. If so, then your VPN is correct and is not leaking.




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