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How to hide a corpse to Is Lady Gaga a man: Weirdest Google searches revealed

Image from Search Factory

Let’s face it, the idea of Internet today is pretty restricted for us. For most of us, the I-word is synonymous with Facebook, Twitter and the Google universe.

And, there have been times when we’ve all Googled for something weird. From why do we have hiccups to whether there are new cat videos, the list can be extensive, especially thanks to Google’s auto-fill box in the search tab.

Also, the auto-fill response at times can be pretty funny. Just try typing pregnant and you are likely to see pregnant man as one of the options. Or better still type cats can and the list includes see ghosts, be jerks.

Ever wonder, though what the weirdest things that people search for? Thanks to Search Factory, which is an Australian company dedicated to interpreting internet searches, we now have some answers about what people are Google-searching for. And yes, the list includes cats as well.

According to News.com.Au the company has compiled an infographic of the crazy stuff that people search for on Google across the world on a monthly basis. You can view the infographic below in the post or click here if you are on mobile.

Search Factory wrote on their blog, “Scarily, one of the factors Google auto-complete takes into account when coming up with these ‘guesses’ is how often these similar searches are conducted. This got us thinking, just how much search volume is there for some of Google’s weirdest auto-complete suggestions?”

The list starts with the scary one which is people asking about how to hide a body or worse still to get away with murder.  The second crazy request on the list is around cats, and people asking about how to get their cat to love them. While that is fine, the more disturbing request is around Cat Dating.

Lady Gaga, of course rules this list, with Lady Gaga naked seeing over 135 k searches and this is also followed by queries on whether she’s a man or a woman.

Queries on how to date and how to mend a broken heart are also high. Most surprisingly people are also asking about how to use Google. There are also queries about people asking how to win the lottery, which is again pushing the limits of Google a bit too far.

Then of course, there are questions on how to have an affair. The final cherry on the cake is “Why do men have nipples?” a question that is clearly perplexing to many.

Check out full graphic below courtesy Search Factory.

Http://searchfactory. Com. Au/blog/the-crazy-st-people-search-for-on-google/

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