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#Hairgate: iPhone 6 users are facing a new problem

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Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus during the launch. Reuters

Apple’s latest iPhones don’t seem to catch a break.

Users of Apple’s iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus phones are facing another new and unique design flaw issue that has started doing the rounds on social media as #Hairgate. Yes, you heard it right. 
As the name goes, some iPhone users have begun complaining  about their hair getting caught in the seam between the front glass and aluminum enclosure.

This problem is being mainly faced by women with long hair and bearded men, and comes hot on the heels of the now infamous bendgate.

This time around however, the damage isn’t to the device, but to the user and a lot of very annoyed people in pain are taking to Twitter and 9To5Mac community to vent out their frustrations.

Now, this new issue has started taking the social media by storm. While some are complaining about the iPhone ripping off their hair, others are wasting no time, using the opportunity to poke fun at Apple.  Yet other more helpful people are tweeting out solutions to the problem. Take a look at some of the tweets below:

Omg yes. I thought I was the only one. #HairGate RT @9to5Community: My iPhone 6 Plus is yanking out my hair http://t.co/s4P8edciYN
— JP (@jose_pena_jr) October 3, 2014

If you buy an iPhone 6, you better be totally bald #HairGate
— Dave Smith (@redletterdave) October 3, 2014

Another silly complaint about the iPhone 6 that could be solved BY BUYING A CASE. Hairgate: http://t.co/M1KYd06YJs
— Heidi N. Moore (@moorehn) October 3, 2014

Last month, Apple’s first hardware issue had surfaced.

The plush iPhone 6 Plus would bend if kept in pockets for a long time. While some users facing the issue started venting their frustration on forums and Twitter, several other including rival companies took the social media by storm by poking fun at Apple.

Looks like, Apple has given yet another reason for all its rivals to mock its new devices. We wonder if Samsung has already started working on its new ads inspired by these design flaws.

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