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Google Messages Customize Features Leaked

Swipe Actions in Google Messages may soon be customizable or disabled entirely features leaked.

Google Messages Features is already evolving to become more helpful and safe for Android users. According to recent reports, Google Messages may now allow users to configure or deactivate swipe-based gestures from within the app.

Google Messages Experiments with Customizable Swipe Actions

According to a 9to5Google APK Teardown, the Company is now testing new customizable swipe actions in Google Messages to assist customers to simplify the app UI. The customizable swipe actions were discovered in the most recent version of a Messages app on the Google Play Store.

If you use Google Messages on Android, you may already be aware that swiping left to right for individual contacts may do one of three things: open the new navigation drawer from the left, execute Android’s back feature, or archive a discussion. These actions are pre-programmed and will activate based on how long you press and hold your touch before swiping or where you begin your swipe. As you would expect, the swipe actions in Google Messages are hit or miss at this time.

Google now aims to simplify this approach by allowing users to tweak or eliminate the swiping actions. According to 9to5Google, the firm is now trying to introduce a specific “Swipe actions” option under Google Messages’ in-app settings.

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This feature allows users to delete or archive discussions by utilizing left-to-right or right-to-left swipes. Furthermore, the option allows users to disable all swipe actions in the app.

It is worth noting that the functionality does not yet operate in Google Messages. Google has yet to include the new function into the app before making it available to users. At the moment, the in-app options for swipe actions serve as a demonstration of the UI. According to the article, Google will likely need a few more weeks to flesh out the functionality.

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