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Facebook testing internal search engine; wants users to skip Google: Report


Facebook has started testing an internal search engine for its mobile app. According to a report by Techcrunch, some iOS users are now seeing an ‘add a link’ option alongside ‘add photos, locations and feelings’.

Basically, users can search a keyword in the link function and Facebook will then suggest a list of related news articles that one can post. This new change is being tested to make it simpler to search and share on mobile devices.

This means, one will no longer have to search, copy the URL and then paste it while using mobile phones. The report adds that the update is aimed at ‘Facebook’s recent effort to get publishers to post content directly to the site’.

This means users will be able to search and access content within Facebook, without the need for ‘Googling’ or ever leaving the social network. Facebook is used by many digital news organisations to share content and this move will help solidify its position as a content host. “By hosting content and allowing users to search for stories in its own app, Facebook is making it easy to read and share news without ever actually leaving Facebook,” the report adds.

There is no word on if the update will be made available to everyone. Moreover, it reportedly favours the user’s frequently visited websites or the ones with a higher rating.

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