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WhatsApp to Introduce PiP for Video Calls in 2023

WhatsApp announced some new features to make video calls a genuinely smooth experience. The new feature will enable a PiP mode for video calls, and it’s one of Meta’s most highly requested. Check out the details below.

WhatsApp is testing a new PiP video call feature.

WhatsApp has announced that they will add a new video-calling feature to their WhatsApp Messenger application. The feature will allow users to multitask with other apps while on the call or even more features in the future.

The PiP mode on WhatsApp video calls will make users much more productive. They’ll be able to watch YouTube videos or use other apps while attending a chat with friends. It will be similar to how PiP is possible for YouTube videos on the Premium plan. Unfortunately, Meta has yet to release any other information about this feature. However, we expect them to release more details when PiP for video calls is finally out.

Some people have speculated that WhatsApp for iOS will soon have the long-awaited Dark mode. It’s been spotted within beta version, and beta testing has been officially confirmed. We’ll let you know if and when this feature goes live!

On WhatsApp’s blog, they’ve highlighted how to use some of the app’s current features. The article ID mentions both the ability to create Call Links and invite people to video calls, message or mute members of a call if needed, and the new waveform-style appearance that shows when someone is on a call.

Additionally, you can add up to 32 people on a single video call and get in-banner notifications when someone joins a call. What do you think about the upcoming chat mode for WhatsApp video calls? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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