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Facebook and Instagram Follow in Twitter’s Footsteps, Offer Blue Tick Verification for a Monthly Fee

Meta, formerly known as Facebook and Instagram, has recently announced that it will now offer the coveted blue tick verification badge for free as part of its Meta Verified subscription plan. This move is seen as polarizing, with the social media giant following in the footsteps of Twitter in allowing users to purchase verified badges through a monthly subscription fee. Mark Zuckerberg made the announcement last week via the Meta Broadcast Channel.

Meta New Verified Subscription Plan: Pay for the Blue Tick

The blue tick and a host of exclusive features will be made available to Facebook and Instagram users who subscribe to the service. The Meta Verified plan aims to protect users from fake accounts and to expand access to verification so that more people can trust the authenticity of the accounts they interact with.

In addition to the blue tick, subscribers will have access to an improved Help Center with assistance from a real person, exclusive stickers for Facebook and Instagram Stories and Reels, and 100 free monthly stars. Furthermore, Meta Verified users would have priority placement in comments and recommendations, according to social media consultant Matt Navarra.

To qualify for Meta Verified, users must be 18 or older and submit a government-issued ID that matches their name and photo on Facebook and Instagram. Although the verification process has been challenging, this new subscription plan makes the process more accessible.

Currently being tested in Australia and New Zealand at $11.99 (₹990) per month via the web and $14.99 (₹1,200) per month via Android and iOS, it remains to be seen when this subscription plan will arrive in India. 

While some users may appreciate the opportunity to access verification features that were previously difficult to obtain organically, others may object to putting the blue tick behind a paywall. What are your thoughts on this new development? Share your comments below.

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