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Congress Twitter account hacked a day after Rahul Gandhi’s account hack


Indian National Congress’s official Twitter account was hacked on Thursday morning, a day after the account of its Vice President Rahul Gandhi was hacked. Expletives and abusive tweets were posted on the handle. One of the tweets posted on the account said that a “full dump” of Congress emails will be posted.
“…Stay tuned for Christmas special. We have enough info to drop your party down to shreds,” it said. “For every retard out there who thinks we have a political agenda – No, we don’t,” one of the tweets read.
“Corrupt political party trying to (expletives) around with innocent hackers, you think you’re cool bro?” “Remember, we are legion, do not (expletives) with us!” it added.

On Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi’s official Twitter account was hacked and expletives and abuses posted on the handle. The abusive tweets were later deleted. The hackers also removed Rahul’s profile picture and changed the account title from @OfficeOfRG to Retarded gandhi. The Congress said it smacked of “sinister conspiracy and reflected disturbing insecurities of prevalent fascist culture”.


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