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Breaking News: iPhone 16 Pro Colors Leaked!

The anticipation surrounding the release of the next iPhone 16 series is escalating, with reports and leaks flooding the tech sphere. Among the latest revelations is a leak suggesting that Apple is considering introducing two new color options for the iPhone 16 Pro models: “Titanium Grey” and “Dessert Titanium.”

iPhone 16 Pro New Color Possibilities Revealed

The leak, originating from a social media post by user Majin Bu on X (formerly Twitter), sheds light on potential additions to the iPhone 16 Pro color palette. According to the leak, the speculated colors include Dessert Titanium and Titanium Grey. Notably, Dessert Titanium is described as a more profound and richer shade than the previous Gold option featured in the iPhone 14 Pro model. On the other hand, Titanium Grey resembles the iconic space grey hue reminiscent of the iPhone 6 released in 2014.

Details About the Leak

Majin Bu, the source of the leak, is known for providing insights into upcoming Apple products, although their track record varies in accuracy. While the source is considered more reliable for iPhone accessories than hardware speculations, the leaked information suggests potential developments in the iPhone 16 Pro color range. However, it’s essential to approach such leaks cautiously until corroborated by additional credible sources.

Comparison with iPhone 15 Pro Colors

It remains to be seen how these newly hinted color options for the iPhone 16 Pro will align with the existing choices available for the iPhone 15 Pro models. Currently, the iPhone 15 Pro lineup offers finishes in White Titanium, Black Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium, with the omission of the Gold variant. Given the enduring popularity of the Gold color among Apple enthusiasts, there’s speculation about the potential reintroduction of a similar hue in future models.

Speculations About the Return of Gold Color

The absence of the Gold option in the iPhone 15 Pro series has sparked speculation about its potential comeback in subsequent iterations. Historically, Apple has featured Gold coloring in various iPhone models, including the iPhone 5S, iPhone 8, iPhone XS, and iPhone 14 Pro. Considering the demand for luxurious finishes, Apple might reconsider incorporating a gold-like tone in its upcoming releases.

Credibility of the Leak

While the leak offers intriguing insights into the prospective color options for the iPhone 16 Pro, it’s essential to exercise caution due to the speculative nature of such information. As with any pre-release leaks, the accuracy and credibility of the details provided by sources like Majin Bu are subject to verification through official announcements or corroborating evidence from reputable channels.


In conclusion, the emergence of potential new color choices for the iPhone 16 Pro models adds to the anticipation surrounding Apple’s upcoming releases. While leaks like these provide enthusiasts with glimpses into possible developments, it’s advisable to await official confirmation from Apple to validate the accuracy of such information.

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