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Arm Unveils New Immortalis GPU for Mobile with Hardware-Based Ray Tracing

Arm has announced the release of its new flagship Immortalis GPU for mobile, which supports hardware-based ray tracing on smartphones. This is Arm’s first time. New Armv9 CPUs of the second generation have also been released. All of these components comprise Arm’s Total Compute Solutions (TCS22).

Specifications and Features of the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU

With compatibility for AAA titles, the Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU is designed to deliver the “ultimate gaming experience.” Hardware ray tracing is one of its characteristics, which provides a realistic gaming environment with accurate lighting and shadows. However, the SoC may suffer as a result of this. Through hardware acceleration, the Immortalis-G715 may provide a 300 percent performance improvement while only using 4% of the shader core space.

Arm immortalis gpu variants
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Variable Rate Shading is also supported, as is a new execution engine. The Execution Engine can enhance FMA (e fused multiply-add) by two times with only a 27% area increase.

It supports 10 cores and higher and is supposed to provide 15% better performance than earlier Mali GPUs. It is also predicted to have the ‘greatest energy efficiency ever.’ Furthermore, the GPU will boost architecture ML by a factor of two.

Additionally, Arm has unveiled two new GPUs, the Mali-G715 and Mali-G615, which support 7 to 9 and 6 or fewer cores, respectively. Except for the hardware-based ray tracing functionality, both of the new Mali GPUs have the same features as the Immortalis GPU. Improvements in PPA (performance, power, and area) are also included. In 2023, these new GPUs will be available.

Armv9 CPU Specifications and Features

The Arm Cortex-X3 and Arm Cortex-A715, as well as improvements for the Arm Cortex-A510 CPU, are among the latest Armv9 CPUs. The new Armv9 CPUs are predicted to have a 25% boost in peak performance and a 20% increase in power efficiency. While the Cortex-X3 CPU improves single-threaded speed by 34%, the Cortex-A715 CPU improves performance by 5% over the Cortex-A710 CPU.

Arm immortalis gpu performance and specs ss

The Arm Cortex-A510 CPU, which was last year’s “LITTLE” Armv9 CPU, has been improved. This results in a 5% power loss. The LITTLE CPU cores will improve power efficiency and hence battery life. Gaming, computer performance, and security have all been enhanced.

Furthermore, the DynamIQ Shared Unit (DSU-1010) platform has been enhanced and can now support up to 12 cores and 16MB of L3 cache.


Via: ARM

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