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Apple’s iPhone 6 could launch this September, but the Chinese clones are already here


While the world is speculating how the future iPhone would look, some Chinese manufacturers have actually gone ahead and made their own version of the iPhone 6 based on leaked images.

Here’s a look at some specimens of the cloned iPhone 6 that surfaced on French website NWE:


With a near-perfect design rip-off of the upcoming iPhone and running a replica of the iOS 7’s UI, which is actually a skinned version of Android, these clones could easily pass off as real iPhones or could raise your expectations for the official iPhone 6, even as you cling desperately to these cheap Android phones.

Screen size in comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S III

The actual specifications of the phones are unknown, but just as with most iPhone duplicates, we don’t expect it to match the performance of original Apple iPhone, or even a halfway decent Android phone for that matter.


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