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Apple to Stop Using Qualcomm’s 5G Modems in iPhone 16 Lineup

According to Qualcomm’s CEO, Cristiano Amon, the tech giant Apple will likely drop Qualcomm as its modem supplier and use its 5G baseband chips, possibly for the iPhone 16. Apple has been developing modems for a long time, and now they’re ready.

Qualcomm modems are to be replaced by Apple

Due to several optimizations, the move to produce its own 5G modems will improve the network connectivity and even the battery life on the 5G network. Apple has already been reported to use its 5G baseband chip for the rumored iPhone SE 4, which was reportedly being shelved. It is no longer the case. Depending on its reception, Apple is expected to incorporate the same in the iPhone 16.

It won’t be the first time Qualcomm has hinted at this transition. In 2021, the company suggested that Apple wouldn’t be using its modem for iPhones in 2023, but this turned out to be untrue, and the iPhone 15 series included the Qualcomm chip. The Snapdragon X70 modem could be an upgrade from the Snapdragon X65 used for the iPhone 14 lineup.

If everything goes according to plan, Company could use its modem for the iPad and even the Apple Watch, as hinted at by Kuo. As for what to expect from the iPhone 16, it’s too early to say, but we can expect the presence of Dynamic Island, Five models with improved camera features are available (the standard, the Pro, and the Ultra models). According to Ross Young, the 2024 lineup could even include an under-the-display Face ID, which has been rumored for a while. It could be for the Pro models, though. Apple even got a new patent, so this is a probable affair.

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