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Apple May Soon Allow You To Subscribe To an iPhone or iPad

Aside from the well-known iPhones, Apple is also recognized for providing reasonable membership rates for numerous services such as Apple One, TV, and others. But what if company launches a subscription service for the iPhone and other physical devices, making purchasing one of them comparable to subscribing to Netflix? This might become a reality because the corporation is allegedly working on it. Here are the specifics.

A Subscription Service for the iPhone is in the Works

According to a recent Bloomberg story, Apple’s subscription model will allow you to buy an iPhone or any other gadget merely by paying a monthly subscription fee, similar to an Apple One or an Apple Music plan.

You will be able to purchase any Apple hardware device through the App Store using this approach, and the entire setup will be tied to your Apple ID. It might also be an option during the checkout process on the company’s website or in retail shops.

This new tactic might be Apple’s “biggest push yet into automatically recurring sales.” While attempting to attract an increasing number of users to enhance iPhone sales (which account for a significant portion of Apple’s earnings), Apple is also attempting to assist you in owning an Apple device without burning a hole in their pockets.

If you think of this as an EMI option, you’re mistaken. While EMIs divide the entire cost of a product for you to pay over a certain length of time, this model will have a fixed monthly membership charge. The charge will vary depending on the product, and as far as I can tell, it will be interest-free, similar to any other subscription service.

Another intriguing aspect is that this hardware subscription business may combine Apple One and Apple Care+ plans to make things even more profitable. However, I’m not sure how this will affect the standalone ambitions for these services.

Furthermore, it will allow you to replace their old gadgets with new ones as they are released each year. This will be in addition to Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, which allows customers in the United States to pay for an iPhone in instalments and even upgrade to a new one with no difficulty. Citizens One Personal Loan is collaborating on this programme. In addition, the corporation offers payment plans through numerous carriers in the United States.

It looks to be Apple’s endeavour to become less reliant on third parties and deliver such appealing services to users directly. It can even work to its advantage! However, the specifics remain unknown.

You should be aware that this concept is still in the works, therefore we will have to wait for additional information to emerge. It might be adopted in late 2022 or 2023, but it could also be scrapped. As a result, stay watching for more updates to see where this goes, and please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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